How do I Grow Blueberries?

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Growing blueberries requires selecting a type of blueberry, preparing the land for the plant, and waiting for the appropriate time to plant the bush. This information is usually specific to a location, so inquiring locally for advice when trying to grow blueberries is a good idea. It is not easy to grow blueberries indoors, but in some cases this might be possible. Once blueberries have been planted, they can last for several years with minimal care.

Contrary to popular belief, growing blueberries is not difficult in many areas. Blueberries grow on a hardy bush and are likely to last for years with minimal care. Harvesting blueberries is easy, as the berries are merely picked off the bush. The most difficult aspect of beginning to grow blueberries is getting the bushes properly set up. Once the blueberries have had a strong start, it is usually simple to keep them alive and productive.

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to grow blueberries is the acidity of the soil. Blueberries require highly acidic soil and will fail without it. In areas where soil acidity is not sufficient, raised beds for planting can be an appropriate solution. Various modifications to the soil can be made if the blueberries will be planted in the ground. The ideal pH of the soil is between 4.0 and 4.5.


Choosing the blueberry bushes that you will plant is often fairly easy and is sometimes determined only by supply. There are many different varieties, each with various pros and cons. These include the lowbush blueberry, the highbush blueberry, and a combination of the two known as half-high blueberries. In addition to these popular varieties, there are also many rarer varieties that may be purchased as well.

When trying to grow blueberries, it is sometimes helpful to start with a fully grown plant that will start bearing fruit the summer it is planted. This is usually more expensive than starting from seeds or younger plants, but it can be more satisfying as well. If starting from seeds, it is best to start the plants in a seed tray.

Timing the plants is also important. Blueberry bushes must be planted after the last frost of the season in order to survive. Once they are well established, they typically only need some pine needles or mulch covering their bases in order to survive the winter. When trying to grow blueberries, having a few unsuccessful bushes in common. Looking into the acidity of the soil, weather conditions, and other possible problems can help prevent future bushes from dying.


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