How Do I Grow a Curly Mustache?

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The best way to grow a curly mustache is to simply allow your mustache to grow long without trimming it for several months. Once you have some length to it, you can begin trimming to shape it how you want it. This will depend on how far over the lip you’d like it to hang, as well as how curly you want the tips to be.

When growing a curly mustache, the first step is obviously to grow a mustache to begin with. How long this takes will depend on you and your body. If your facial hair tends to grow slowly, it may take you a bit longer to obtain a curly mustache than others. Your mustache will likely grow downward and outward at the same time, and you should allow it to do so without trimming either portion, since some of the downward growth may be needed to create a curly look.

After several months, your mustache will probably begin to look bushy, unruly, and messy. When this happens, you should use a mustache wax in order to shape it the way you want. This will also allow you to achieve the curled shape. There are mild and heavier waxes which. Choose the right kind will depend on how long you want your curly mustache, how much curl you desire, and the type of hair you have.


Once your mustache reaches a longer length, you can begin trimming it away from the lip a bit to suit your tastes. This should be done with a beard or mustache trimmer since these are small enough to remove very little hair while still allowing you to get the desired length and shape. You should also use a small fine-toothed comb to style and brush your curly mustache.

Your mustache will not curl on its own, so you will need to use a combination of wax and brushing to achieve the desired shape. You can also use your fingertips to wrap the tips of your mustache around in order to make them curl up or down. The longer your mustache becomes, the more wax you will need to achieve optimum curl.


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