How Do I Grow a Cinnamon Tree?

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Cinnamon is a widely popular spice all over the world, and although it can be found at most grocery stores, many people believe that nothing compares with the way it tastes when it is freshly grown. A cinnamon tree is not an easy tree to grow. You will need lots of time and patience to care for this tree. A cinnamon tree needs to be planted in an area with lots of sunshine and peaks of shade, along with the correct amount of water at all times. The slightest slip of hand will have this tree curling up for good.

To begin, check to make sure that a cinnamon tree is well-suited for growing in your area. This type of tree thrives only in tropical climates that are very hot and humid and will not adapt to other growing conditions. After you have verified that your location is suitable for a cinnamon tree, you are ready to begin planting.


Find an area in your yard or plant nursery that will provide the cinnamon tree with conditions of sunlight to partial shade during the daytime. Clear all weeds and other debris from the area, and plant the cinnamon seeds about 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) deep in the soil after the last frost. Be sure that your seeds are planted in an area where the soil has a good amount of drainage. Over-watering the seeds will kill the cinnamon plant. Water the seeds enough so that the soil is kept moist but the seeds are not submerged in water.

Maintain the tree as it grows, and after two years, cut the cinnamon tree down leaving a bit of a stump so that the roots are still in the ground. After about one year, you will begin to see small shoots growing up from the ground around the area of the tree stump. Allow these to grow for one year, and then remove them from the ground. These shoots will be the source of your fresh cinnamon.

As the cinnamon tree grows back, maintain it as you did before. Cut it back every two years. This will continue to promote fresh shoots, which will provide you with an abundant supply of fresh cinnamon.

To use your cinnamon, strip the cinnamon shoots from the bark and set them out to dry. As the shoots dry, the bark will begin to curl up and take the formation of a cinnamon stick. After you see them take their formation, the cinnamon is ready to use. Use them as cinnamon sticks or grind them for freshly ground cinnamon. Store them in airtight containers, and keep them in a dry location.


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Cinnamon can be grown in a greenhouse, but it is said to be difficult to do so successfully.

In addition, those who have tried different methods for growing it indoors have not been successful.

It seems like cinnamon trees really do thrive best in their native climates.

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Can a cinnamon tree be grown in a greenhouse so it doesn't matter what climate you live in?

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