How Do I Go from Brunette to Blond?

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You can go from brunette to blond by first choosing a dye color and finding someone to do the job. Choosing a color is sometimes as simple as knowing the gist of what you want and then letting a stylist make the final decision based on your skin tone and current hair color. Other times people take their time to choose while looking at pictures and asking others what color their hair is. Some people decide to go from brunette to blond on their own without help from others and, while this is completely possible, it is easiest to have a helper or stylist the first time.

The first step is to choose a color by printing pictures of people who have the color you want, randomly selecting a box of blond dye, or letting a stylist choose. Whatever the method, remember that it is always a little risky to bleach hair more than two shades lighter. Either you, a friend, or a stylist can make a mistake that leaves the hair blond-orange, blond-green, or some other blond combination few people wish for. If you want to go easy on your hair, choose a dye that is relatively close to your current color. For example, a person who has light brown hair might dye his or her hair dirty blond rather than platinum blond to minimize damage.


Now you need to think about how to actually dye your hair. Some people see dying hair as a do-it-yourself (DIY) job or a task that a friend can help tackle. Others are wary of the dangers and complications of dying their hair and would rather see a professional stylist. If you choose the DIY method, at least have a friend available who has experience dying hair. Your friend can help apply the dye to areas that are difficult to reach, such as on the back of the head.

In general, it is best to see a professional stylist the first time you go from brunette to blond. This way, you can see the process, ask the stylist questions about doing it yourself, and see what going from brunette to blond is supposed to look like when finished. In fact, the vast majority of hair stylists will fix their mistakes without charge, so you are also ensured a good outcome for your money and time. Once you have successfully gone from brunette to blond, a stylist will usually give instructions for after-care, such as not washing the hair for at least 24 hours.


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