How Do I Get Thick Hair?

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Lifestyle changes such as exercise and eating nourishing foods can improve the quality of hair; the result is increased re-growth and less breakage. Reduce breakage further by eliminating the use of chemical and heat treatments, as well as aggressive hairstyling. Quick solutions such as thickening haircuts, volumizing treatments and hair extensions, can increase hair thickness while you wait for healthier hair to grow.

Improve your circulation by doing exercise. Blood carries oxygen via capillaries to the hair follicles in the scalp. Jogging, swimming and other cardiovascular exercises increase your heart rate, fitness levels and blood flow. Exercise can help stimulate hair follicles to re-grow hair where it has been lost, and to grow better quality, healthier hair in general, improving thickness and body.

Avoid washing your hair too often as it can cause dryness, breakage and thinning of the hair. Using only natural products and eliminating chemicals, can increase the thickness of hair. Chemicals in shampoos and conditioners can irritate hair follicles, resulting in poorer quality hair being reduced. Thin, limp hair is often the result.

Some products such as hair dyes can strip hair of moisture, causing it to split and break. Minimize the use of hair dyes, especially those containing harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Your hair will appear thicker from root to tip, once it has a chance to re-grow.


Stress is known to reduce the quality of hair produced by hair follicles. Get thick hair by identifying and reducing sources of stress in your life. Your hair will be less prone to breakage and be a shinier, healthier texture as it grows.

Give your body the nutrients it needs to get thick hair. Eat nourishing foods containing iron, such as whole grain cereals and green leafy vegetables, and foods containing vitamin E such as nuts and avocados. These foods help to promote strong, healthy hair that is thicker and stronger. Consuming vitamin B found in eggs, and protein found in liver and yogurt, also helps to promote thicker hair growth.

Massage your scalp when you wash your hair as this is believed to stimulate hair growth. Get thick hair by allowing it to dry naturally. Minimize the amount of heat treatments you subject your hair to, including hairdryers, straightening irons and curling tongs, as these can cause breakage.

Brush your hair gently with a good quality hairbrush. Do not tug and rip at your hair. Get thick hair quickly by using a volumizing shampoo with natural ingredients. Try different shampoos to find one that provides the best results. Use clip-in hair extensions that match your hair color and texture, for a natural, thicker look.

Ask your hairdresser for a hairstyle that enhances the thickness of your hair. Long, limp hairstyles can appear thin and lifeless. Often layered, shorter hairstyles can help you to get thick hair quickly.


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