How do I get the Best Sociology a-Level Results?

Lee Johnson

Sociology A-level courses include information on societal topics such as state education, domestic violence, religion, poverty, and crime. This field involves the study of society and the complex interactions and groups that make up different societies. Getting a good sociology A-level result requires gaining a full understanding of all of the key concepts and ideas, as well as thoroughly comprehending how these ideas relate to one another.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A-levels are qualifications taken in the U.K. by students who are generally between the ages of 16 and 18. They are taken at sixth forms or colleges, and are one of the key deciding factors in a student's eligibility for university courses. A-level qualifications are split up into two subsidiary qualifications, the AS and A2 qualifications; when combined, the AS and A2 are equivalent to one A-level grade. Generally, A-level results are based on a combination of coursework and exam scores.

Getting a good grade on a sociology A-level is heavily dependent on the student's comprehension of the key concepts and ideas used in the topics that are involved. Understanding basic concepts like functionalism, Marxism, and feminism is the first step in getting the best sociology A-level results. Explanations of these terms can be found in textbooks and online revision materials.

Learning about the key debates that surround certain sociological topics is another important factor in getting the best sociology A-level results. For example, various schools of thought generally disagree over the different issues raised by subjects such as the education system. Functionalists believe that the education system serves the needs of children well because the children are receiving an education, and because the system teaches them to absorb the general culture, values, and beliefs of a society. Marxists agree with the functionalists in some respects, but also believe that the education system is a tool of capitalists for maintaining their stratified society. Learning the details of these debates are crucial to getting a good sociology A-level grade.

While studying for the sociology A-level, it is important to learn the various topics at one's own pace. It is difficult to get good results if a full understanding of each topic is not achieved before the subsequent topic is taken on. Full comprehension can mean the difference between a good grade and a bad one, and it may be helpful during studying to summarize each topic that arises in the form of notes.

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