How Do I Get the Best Permanent Cosmetics Training?

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If you wish to receive the best permanent cosmetics training, you will need to search for an apprenticeship program. This type of permanent cosmetics training allows you to shadow a certified tattoo artist and observe the many intricacies of applying a permanent cosmetic tattoo to a person's face. There are many different training programs offered to help you to become a permanent cosmetic artist, however, only a few of these so-called training programs are certified. By searching only certified training programs that offer an apprenticeship program or assistance in locating an apprenticeship, you can be certain to have chosen the best permanent cosmetics training program available to you.

Similar to tattoo artists, a permanent cosmetic artist uses a tattoo gun to apply the ink to the body. Commonly offering lip, eye and eyebrow cosmetics, the customer is able to save valuable time by being able to skip one or more makeup stages. Becoming a certified, permanent cosmetics artist requires in-depth, permanent cosmetics training from a reputable instruction program. While some trainees use a tattoo artist to instruct them on the methodology of applying permanent cosmetics, this type of training will rarely result in a certification or permanent cosmetic training diploma.


The application of permanent cosmetics is very similar to the application of a tattoo in that the artist is applying ink under the upper layers of skin with an electric needle. There are, however, many unique safety issues that must be learned through permanent cosmetics training that are not important for a typical tattoo artist to know. You must choose a permanent cosmetics training program that covers dangers and safety precautions unique to the cosmetic type of tattooing. You can also be assured of a good program by making certain that the instructor is also certified and schooled in permanent cosmetics training.

When choosing the best permanent cosmetics training, you might want to avoid the very short classes that claim to provide you with sufficient knowledge to perform permanent cosmetic application on an actual client. Considering that most tattoo artists undergo a year-long apprenticeship prior to actually tattooing a client's body, a two-day course is probably not the best course to qualify you to tattoo a client's face. The best programs will include information on blood-borne diseases, allergy reactions and other minor medical training. The best program will also instruct you in the operation, cleaning and sterilization of your equipment. You also might want to inquire if an instructor offers a purchase option on tools and equipment that will be used during your training.


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