How do I get the Best Laser Hair Removal Training?

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If you would like a career that requires both an eye for aesthetics and technical skillfulness, you may wish to become a laser hair removal technologist. Subject to the requirements of the region in which you live, however, you will most likely need to complete a training program before you can work in the field. To get the best laser hair removal training, first verify that you are eligible to enter a training program. Then, select an accredited training institution. Finally, for the best training, ensure that your chosen course of study provides an overview of all removal methods currently in use, offers hands-on training, and allows you to fulfill the certification requirements of the area in which you live.

In order to get the best laser hair removal training, you must first verify that you are eligible to enter a training program. Certain US states stipulate that trainees must already hold a cosmetology license, while others require a nursing degree. If you live in an area which requires such prior educational experience, you will need to complete the prerequisite courses before you can enter laser hair removal training. While it may be possible to complete hair removal training in a state which does not have training prerequisites, keep in mind that you likely will not legally qualify to work as a laser technologist once you return to your home state.


The next step in ensuring that you receive the best laser hair removal training is selecting an accredited training institution. This means that the institution has been evaluated by a nonprofit educational agency and deemed credible. To verify the accreditation status of a training institution, check its website or contact a staff member in its admissions department.

Finally, for the best laser hair removal training, ensure that your chosen course will provide you with all of the knowledge and experience you need to work as a laser technician. For instance, your program should include study of all laser hair removal methods currently in use. It should also involve a significant amount of hands-on training, often known as clinical hours, during which you can practice your technique while receiving feedback from an experienced instructor. Lastly, if the area in which you live requires laser hair removal technicians to become certified, your chosen course should thoroughly prepare you for your licensure examination.


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Post 3

@Mor - It's just such a stupid thing to try and do without real training. I mean, aside from the moral aspect, you are not exactly going to get repeat business if you cause burns and things on the first go around and this kind of treatment is all about repeat business.

Post 2

@MrsPramm - Unfortunately, in some places there are still no general regulations about who can and cannot advertise as being laser hair removal specialists. It always takes some time before regulations catch up with this kind of technology.

I would hazard a guess that most people would receive their laser hair removal training through their employer and hopefully they will know the best place to send their people to get a good course.

If you aren't sure that you are getting the best training possible, have a look on the internet and see if there are issued guidelines and if your course is accredited by a governing body or not.

Post 1

You really have to do your due diligence when you're looking for the best training opportunity here. I've seen documentaries where people have gone in for laser hair removal and ended up with terrible burns because the people they went to had no idea what they were doing.

I wouldn't be surprised if those people had gone through some kind of "training" and ended up thinking they were qualified when, in fact, they were far from it.

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