How do I get the Best Indoor Cycling Training?

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Cycling fitness can be lost quickly during the winter months, so many cyclists turn to indoor cycling training to maintain fitness levels in preparation for the upcoming cycling season. Getting the best indoor cycling training will take a bit of research, but once you have developed a plan, you will be able to get the most out of time spent on the indoor trainer. It may be a good idea to consult a professional trainer at a gym or fitness center if you have access to such facilities; otherwise, you will need to invest in some equipment for effective indoor cycling training.

A cycling machine such as a cycling trainer or rollers is necessary for effective indoor cycling training. You will need to research the advantages and disadvantages of each type of machine; a pro cyclist or a person working toward such a goal will probably want to consider purchasing rollers, as such an indoor machine will allow you to not only maintain and improve stamina and overall health, but also improve your balance and bike handling skills. Rollers are more difficult to use, but they are compact and offer a variety of advantages that other types of trainers cannot offer.


Consistency is important during indoor cycling training. You will need to develop a workout routine that has you on the bike several days a week, with rest days and cross training spread in between cycling days. Rest days are extremely important to allow the muscles of the legs to recover adequately enough that they can be worked again without the risk of injury due to overuse. Rest days are great opportunities to research good dieting tips, supplements, and other cycling related topics. Cross training should be done to work the core muscles of the body, which support the spine and improve balance and posture. Core workouts should be done on off-days when you will not be cycling; you may want to consider consulting a trainer for a good core workout program.

Some professional training centers offer cycling DVDs that will allow you to tailor your indoor cycling training to developing specific skills. Some DVDs, for example, will help you develop fast-twitch muscles that will be advantageous during sprints in cycling races, while others will help you develop endurance for long distance rides and races. Other DVDs focus on general fitness and will allow you to maintain your fitness level through the long winter. It is a good idea to choose DVDs from reputable training programs and follow them closely throughout the training session.


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