How Do I Get the Best Bespoke Shower?

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To choose the best bespoke shower, consider the space you have to work with. Choose a custom shower structure that will complement your bathroom, while providing functionality. You should hire a professional to take bathroom measurements before you decide on a plan for your bespoke shower. Look through catalogs to choose the best glass shower doors or materials you'd prefer for a frame.

Creating a bespoke shower enclosure to fit irregularly shaped bathroom ceilings can be a challenge. If your bathroom ceilings are constructed on a downgrade or incline, or if your walls are set at an unusual angle, you'll do best to hire a professional installation expert to offer recommendations. Be sure to get a written estimate of all costs before you proceed with creating your bespoke shower.

When designing your bespoke shower, you'll also need to decide whether you'd prefer clear or tinted glass doors. This should not be a problem and there are various options to choose from. Tempered safety glass should be essential for your custom-made shower, especially if there are children or elderly individuals in your household.

If you have a particularly wide area to work with or if you have an extra large bathroom, consider a bespoke shower with double doors. This feature not only adds visual appeal, it is functional as well. If you frequently move items such as a safety bench in and out of the shower, extra wide or double doors can be helpful.


For an extravagant custom look, choose a bespoke shower that is exquisitely framed. You'll have various options for a custom finish for your shower frame, so choose one that matches your existing fixtures and hardware. You might choose brushed nickel, silver, or another metal for your frame. A gold anodized frame can beautify a bathroom as well.

You may also decide to create a steam enclosure for your custom-built shower. This option is beneficial for those who enjoy the luxury of a sauna in the privacy and convenience of their own home. A bespoke steam enclosed shower will generally have a control switch on the inside of the door. Some bespoke steam showers also have built-in timers.

For added luxury and practicality, add built-in seating to your bespoke shower enclosure. This is especially helpful for the elderly or those who have difficulty standing for long periods. Built-in seating typically works best in wide custom-built showers.


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