How Do I Get Student Work Experience?

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Student work experience opportunities are offered by many high schools, colleges, universities and private companies and organizations. Work experience departments in some colleges help students gain fundamental job skills. Many university programs offer academic credit to students who are employed in related fields. Some companies and organizations hire students in particular majors as interns or part-time employees. Specific industries, such as engineering, often provide on-the-job training to students.

High school students who have a need or a desire to work might have access to a student work experience office at their schools. Some high schools allow students to work as a way of satisfying elective requirements. A student might choose to work at a preschool for a few hours a day, for example, to earn spending money and explore opportunities for a future career in early childhood education.

To gain student work experience at the college level, a student can begin by contacting the work experience office of a local college. Jobs are generally located on campus and designed to assist students in building job-specific skills. Supervision from faculty members and college staff allows students to begin in entry level positions and progress to higher levels of responsibility and skill building. Gaining work experience in a supportive college environment allows many students to prepare for the workforce while earning an income.


Universities also offer student work experience opportunities in the form of administrative and assistant teaching positions. Applying for a position in a university admissions office, for example, offers valuable experience for a student who is interested in becoming a future educational administrator. Conducting research for a professor is another example of an on-campus employment opportunity. Graduate students who assist professors in preparing class materials and facilitating discussion sessions often earn valuable work experience and academic credit.

Student work experience also can be obtained in part-time jobs or internships at some organizations and private companies. Some employers participate in on-campus job fairs and actively recruit students in specific majors. The marketing department of a large company, for example, might be interested in marketing and communications majors to assist in the administrative tasks of marketing campaigns. A nonprofit organization might place ads to recruit interns who are interested in community or socioeconomic development.

Specific industries offer student work experience in direct collaboration with university programs. Some engineering companies, for example, build partnerships with reputable universities and hire students. By strengthening key job-specific skills, these opportunities allow students to enter the workforce and increase employment prospects upon graduation.


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