How do I get Started in the Trucking Industry?

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The road to getting started in the trucking industry is relatively free of obstructions. The ways in which a person can accomplish this goal usually includes obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and completing a program at an accredited trucking school. He or she may then seek out some type of driving job, such as driving a small van or truck, in order to gain some relevant experience.

A good first step for someone interested in trucking would be to research the basics of the trucking industry, either on the Internet or at a local trucking company. He or she should then make a note of all of the potential advantages and disadvantages to working for a trucking company. This will allow the would-be trucker to discover his or her passion within the industry in order to better streamline his or her career path.

If the person does not want to attend trucking school, then he or she might apply for jobs driving small trucks or vans. Once he or she has gained some driving experience with these vehicles, it is recommended he or she continue to climb up the latter to bigger and bigger trucks. Trucking industry experts say that in a year, a person will have obtained the necessary driving experience to seek out over-the-road driving jobs.


Truck driving school is the faster rout into the trucking industry. Typically, the courses can be completed in three or four weeks. Some accredited truck driving schools offer online courses that can be completed prior to attending classes at the school. A person who can’t afford the tuition for school can check with freight companies to see if they have their own driving program or if they will pay or reimburse the trucker for the cost of schooling.

It is important for truck driving candidates to make sure that the school they attend is accredited. This means that the school has been reviewed by a regional or state accrediting agency. This agency will then make a determination whether or not the truck driving school in question has demonstrated to the agency that it has met its standards for training, school administration, financial strength, and staff quality.

It might seem obvious, but people getting started in the trucking industry should make sure they have and maintain a clean driving record. If a driver has traffic violations on his or her record, he or she could be turned down by some shipping companies and freight movers. Also, it’s important to know that a drunk driving conviction will most likely disqualify a driver as well.


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