How do I get Started in the Freight Broker Business?

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Getting started in the freight broker business involves gaining experience within the transportation industry. While many freight brokers work independently, it is difficult to begin a private brokerage practice without prior experience. Thus, the best way to become a freight broker is to apply for a job within a logistics company.

There are many different logistics companies strewn across the world. Since nearly every country has goods that need to be imported or exported, the position of a freight broker is a vital one. Essentially, freight brokers help to facilitate the movement of goods within a country, internationally, or locally. While brokerage companies do not own any equipment or trucks, they do assist both manufacturers and trucking companies with the movement of goods by acting as middlemen.

Finding a freight broker business in your area may not be difficult, though obtaining a position within this type of company might prove to be a challenge. Frequently, freight brokerage companies seek out individuals who have had academic training within the logistics field. Candidates who have obtained a business, logistics, or management degree from an accredited university often have a good chance of gaining a position within a freight broker business.


Still, plenty of freight brokerage companies hire recent college graduates who have obtained degrees in other, non-logistic related, fields. Prospective candidates must possess excellent communication skills and an understanding of worldly cultures and customs, and be relatively quick when it comes to currency conversion and mileage mathematics. In addition, many candidates who speak a variety of languages are often chosen over those who do not speak more than one language, though this is not always the case.

Candidates who cannot find a position within a freight brokerage company may want to consider working as an agent. Many smaller brokerage companies hire agents who are located across the globe. These agents frequently work from home, though the hours can be challenging. Most brokers who hire agents take a small percentage of any agent commission.

By either applying for a job directly with a large logistics firm or by seeking out an agent position with an independent broker, it is possible to become a part of the freight broker business. Even though there are many benefits associated with the position of a logistics broker, this type of work is often stressful and difficult. Still, as long as goods are being imported and exported across the globe, the freight broker business will remain a crucial part of any society.


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If you are looking to get into the freight business, you will be even harder pressed trying to break in as an independent agent or as someone fresh out of "broker/agent schooling" with no experience nor any shipper clients. The best avenue is to try to get on as a sales agent where you sell new shippers or learn duties from the ground up by being a dispatcher than work your way over and up into becoming a freight agent.

This is serious business, with huge risks so if you have no experience, clients, etc. you could cost your broker and yourself thousands of dollars with one mistake.

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