How do I get Started in the Etiquette Business?

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Many cultures and individuals consider etiquette to be very important. Proper business etiquette, for example, can mean the difference between establishing lucrative partnerships and losing big contracts. Strong personal and social etiquette can allow people to make lasting impressions on friends and colleagues. Professionals who work in the etiquette business may write advice columns and blogs, provide career development services, or offer training programs to help people learn about manners. Getting started in the etiquette business involves mastering the concepts and trends of social behavior, developing effective writing or teaching techniques, and advertising unique services.

A thorough understanding of societal rules and relations is essential to success in the etiquette business. Many people who make a living helping others understand manners and proper behaviors hold college degrees in business, public relations, sociology, or psychology. College courses give students the opportunity to learn about the historical and contemporary importance of etiquette in different cultures. Understanding the differences between societies can be an essential trait for people who coach businesspeople and politicians about international relations.


Once an individual is able to grasp of the fundamentals of etiquette, he or she can develop other professional skills and qualities helpful for landing a job in the etiquette business. Aspiring etiquette article and book writers, for example, may be able to begin their careers as freelance copy, editorial, or technical writers. With experience in the field, a successful writer may have the opportunity to write etiquette advice columns for a respected newspaper or website. Some professionals who have establish themselves in the etiquette business and become popular with readers are able to write and publish entire books on the subject.

A person who wants to enter the etiquette business as a career adviser or trainer can build his or her resume by holding teaching, human relations (HR) or counseling jobs. HR and education positions provide professionals with essential communication skills, allowing them to learn the best strategies of imparting knowledge on others. Individuals can also get a good sense of the general workings of a business and come to better understand the importance of etiquette in the workplace.

Many trainers and etiquette teachers operate their own businesses, advertising their services to individuals and companies. Effective advertising and networking, therefore, is essential to find success in the etiquette business. Professionals often buy advertising space on websites or newspapers, informing potential clients of the types of services they offer. Self-employed etiquette businesspeople might specialize in preparing people for social gatherings, dinners, or business meetings, or offer a wide range of advice to their clients. More job opportunities tend to arise as professionals begin establishing positive rapport with clients, as word of their services spreads by word of mouth to other people seeking etiquette guidance.


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