How do I get Started in Online Medical Transcription?

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The first thing to do to get started in online medical transcription is to contact possible clients such as online transcription companies, doctors' offices and hospitals. Politely request a short informational interview to ask about job prospects, hiring procedures and qualifications the companies expect candidates to have. If you already have medical transcription training, discuss that; if you don’t, your interviewee may let you know of several schools from which their current hires studied online medical transcription. Online medical transcriptionists not only require proper training, but must have excellent typing and grammar skills, as well as accuracy in preparing medical reports.

Websites that feature sample medical notes to transcribe can help medical transcriptionists gain more experience or refresh their skills. Being prepared and confident can help trained transcriptionists get started in actual online medical transcription work. Entry-level medical transcriptionists may have better luck finding work from online medical transcription companies rather than by directly contacting doctors' offices and hospitals.


Make sure to build references as you do online medical transcription job projects, since having good references should help you get a good start in the business. A good resume is important, and it must be perfectly typed with no typos or grammatical errors. If you’re just getting started and don’t have medical transcription job experience to list on your resume, showcase your education. It’s important to add what you specifically learned and any special projects you completed. If your grades were high, mention it; if you have a quoted comment from your instructor, add it to your resume along with his or her contact information.

If you need to get started in online medical transcription training, consider choosing a school that features actual experience working for an online transcription company. This way, you’ll have real experience and a client reference to use on your resume. Many companies hire new transcription grads from transcription schools if they like their work. Remember that online medical transcription companies are looking for workers with good typing skills, a solid knowledge of grammar and a strong understanding of how to prepare each type of medical form or summary. They also should expect solid medical ethics and a focus on proper patient care and confidentiality.


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