How do I get Soft Lips?

Sara Schmidt

Lip enhancement is a goal of many people, both women and men. Soft lips are a top desire of those who wish to increase the beauty of their lips. From exfoliating lips to applying lip balm, there are several different ways to achieve soft lips.

Lip balm may be used to achieve soft lips.
Lip balm may be used to achieve soft lips.

Applying lip balm is one of the most common ways to soften lips. People generally choose their lip balm products based on scent, taste, and the product's ability to soften. Organic, natural products are available for those who wish to avoid potentially harmful chemicals. Men and women can experiment with different types of lip balms to decide which brand and flavor suits them best. They are available in a wide variety of flavors and brands.

Chapped lips can be soothed with a natural exfoliator like white sugar.
Chapped lips can be soothed with a natural exfoliator like white sugar.

A very simple way to keep lips moist and soft is to drink a sufficient amount of water. This will ensure that lips retain their natural moisture. Avoid licking the lips, which dries them out.

Petroleum jelly is helpful in the exfoliating process.
Petroleum jelly is helpful in the exfoliating process.

Many people apply a lip balm at bedtime to ensure soft lips in the morning. To do this, the product should be applied with care. Slowly apply the lip balm with the ring finger, dabbing the product in small circles until lips feel moist and smooth. Honey can also be applied to the mouth to ensure soft, plump lips.

Exfoliation can be used to help eliminate dry flakes from lips. Lip exfoliation can be completed with an over-the-counter product or with simple kitchen ingredients. Rubbing a mixture of sugar or brown sugar with olive oil over lips can slough away dry skin. Rubbing petroleum jelly on a washcloth, or a soft toothbrush, lightly over the mouth can also help soothe chapped lips. Exfoliation methods should all be done very gently and with care, as roughly rubbing the lips can result in further damage and irritation.

Coconut milk or juice can help create soft lips. To apply the natural moisturizer, soak a paper towel in the juice or milk. Rub the towel over the lips very gently for a minute. After the lips dry, they will become sticky. Allow this stickiness to set for half an hour, then rinse off the milk with water.

Some people prefer to use products designed for other uses in order to create soft lips. These can range from body moisturizers to margarine to baby oil. While some of these treatments can be effective, not all are safe for swallowing. Consulting the product information before using it on the lips is generally recommended.

Keeping lip products clean and in good repair is also instrumental in ensuring lip health and softness. Balms should be thrown out after a year of use, as they can harbor bacteria. Lip balms and other products should not be shared to avoid the spread of germs and the development of unhealthy lips. Some balms, such as medicated varieties, can also dry lips out, and should be avoided if being used for the purpose of softening lips.

A woman with chapped lips.
A woman with chapped lips.

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Soft lips are easily achieved by some people but can be challenging for others. Many people find that the use of lip balm alone doesn't solve their dry lip problem. However, applying lip balm daily does help. If you drink a sufficient amount of water daily, it will help soften your lips. This will also keep them plump. Applying lip balm in the morning, at night and during cold weather will help keep your lips smooth.

Wearing the right lip balm also attributes to the softness of your lips. For instance, during the summer time it is best to wear lip stick with an appropriate amount of SPF in it to reduce sunburn on the lips.

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