How do I get Smaller Pores?

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Pores on the human skin push out the oil and sweat produced by the human body and give it a way to exit and reach the surface of the skin. If the tiny opening that creates the pore becomes blocked or clogged, it can cause acne and appear much larger and more visible than normal. Those dealing with large pores and breakouts can get smaller pores by using proper skin care products, cleaning the skin, and possibly taking an over-the-counter product if the problem persists.

To help reduce the size of her pores, a woman should make sure to clean her face daily and exfoliate as necessary, from once a day to once a week depending on her skin type. If her skin dries out easily, reduce the exfoliation process to a few times a week or once a week. If the skin stays oily, exfoliating once a day can help get rid of dead skin cells to keep pores from becoming clogged and large in appearance. Women should wash with a mild soap and rinse with warm water. Products with vitamin C can also help the skin through cleaning and exfoliation.


Those who want smaller pores should also be careful what they put on their face. Rubbing the face, touching the face, or picking at acne can cause oil build-up and more breakouts. It also irritates the acne and can enlarge it. Women should keep their hands away from the skin on their face and should keep makeup light instead of caking on heavy liquid makeup that can clog pores. At the end of the day, a woman should wash her face to get rid of makeup and sunblock.

Once a week, a woman should treat herself to a little spa time in her own home, where she can pamper her face and help keep it healthy to promote smaller pores. After cleaning and exfoliating her face, she should heat water almost to the boiling point and then pour it into a large bowl. After placing the bowl into the kitchen or bathroom sink, she should cover her head with a towel and lean over the bowl so the towel drapes around it.

Draping the towel over the bowl traps the warm steam and lets it rise to the woman's face like a natural at-home sauna. This opens up the pores and lets blocked oil and dirt out. After ten to 15 minutes, the woman should rinse her face with warm water and avoid putting on makeup for the rest of the day if possible.

Finally, those who have large pores and cannot obtain smaller pores with at-home treatments can talk to their doctor about over-the-counter medications, creams, or other methods they may not have thought of to create smaller pores. The doctor will work with the patient to find the best method for her to shrink the size of her pores so they are less noticeable and less prone to breakouts. Medication may not be necessary if the doctor can recommend a cream or facial cleanser that helps. How well a woman responds to the treatment depends on her skin type and other personal factors.


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Post 3

I read that the size of our facial pores are determined by genetics! Experts say that we can't really change the size of pores but can make them look smaller by cleaning them regularly.

So skin products that claim to make our pores smaller don't really do that. They just prevent the pores from looking bigger due to stretching that all the dirt and oil causes.

This also means that there is no permanent way of getting smaller pores. It's kind of like exercise. If I exercise for one week, I can't expect to keep fit for the rest of my life. I have to keep exercising regularly to get results. That's why to make pores look smaller, we have to keep cleaning our face regularly.

If someone or something promises you forever small pores, don't believe it!

Post 2

I think clay masks are really good at making pores smaller. Just make sure to wash your face with hot water first to open them up and then apply the clay mask. Clay masks absorb all the stuff in the pores, so when you wash it off, your pores will get smaller. When you are washing the mask off, use cold water this time, so that the pores shrink and stay that way.

I also absolutely agree with what the article mentioned about cleaning makeup before going to bed. I have friends who sleep with their makeup on when they are lazy or are staying up late to study. This is such a bad idea! Your pores need to

be cleaned and your skin needs to breathe and it can only do that when it has nothing on it. Plus, it's makeup that mainly clogs pores and makes them bigger. I try to limit wearing makeup as much as possible or I use mineral powder makeup. I feel like it doesn't absorb into my pores as much.
Post 1

There are a lot of good quality face creams nowadays that help control the production of (sebum) and tighten pores. You can look for products that mention these points if you have problems with enlarged pores. I have been using a pharmacy brand lotion for the last several months and have seen a real improvement with my pores.

I have heard that some people have large pores despite using these products. I think the longer you wait to clean and shrink pores, the harder it is to deal with them. But even at that point, there are different treatments out there.

I have been hearing a lot about microdermabrasion recently. I think this has to be done by

a technician but it's said to be an excellent method for removing dead cells and unclogging pores. I haven't tried it yet but I have heard a lot of people claim they have smaller pores after having microdermabrasion done and it doesn't involve using chemicals. Apparently it only takes half an hour and doesn't hurt at all.

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