How do I get Rid of Razor Burn?

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Razor burn can be avoided by using clean, sharp razors and shaving with the grain of hair. You may experience additional discomfort by using drying or irritating treatments on affected skins. Over-the-counter medications and home remedies can help you get rid of razor burn. Since skin varies from person to person, you may need to experiment with a few strategies before you find the right way to get rid of razor burn.

If your skin is razor burned, you will want to keep it moisturized and clean. Use an unscented, aloe vera-based moisturizer two or three times daily. You may need to take a few days off from shaving to allow your skin to heal. Use that time to gently exfoliate your skin so that it is in better condition when you return to shaving. You can also use tea tree oil or witch hazel extract regularly while you're trying to get rid of razor burn.

You can use your shaving ritual to begin your crusade to get rid of razor burn. After you shave, splash the area with cold water and apply a gentle aftershave lotion. You should avoid alcohol-based products, as they can make the condition worse rather than help you get rid of razor burn. A good aftershave lotion should include both an antiseptic and a moisturizer. Many also contain fragrances, but the chemicals that form the fragrance can often dry or further irritate inflamed skin.


Some over-the-counter medications can be used to help manage the symptoms or get rid of razor burn altogether. You can use hydrocortizone cream to reduce the redness and irritation. This should be a short-term treatment because the skin can become dependent on the hydrocortizone product. Ointments used to treat diaper rashes can also help. These often contain mineral oils, zinc oxide, or lanolin as active ingredients.

There are some home remedies you can use to get rid of razor burn. A mask of mashed strawberries or tomatoes mixed with sour cream is a common remedy. This concoction should be left in place for about ten minutes twice a week to get rid of razor burn and prevent it from coming back. You can also use a paste made from dissolved aspirin tablets and water to reduce pain in the affected area. Another strategy is to pat apple cider vinegar on razor burned skin.

The best solution for razor burn is to avoid it in the first place. You should begin an age-appropriate skin-care regimen to improve the condition of your skin. Always be cautious and attentive when shaving to avoid razor burn.


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Post 2

I had this same problem with razor burn, and my skin would feel very raw for at least a day. If I slapped on regular alcohol-based aftershave lotion, I felt like my face was on fire. I finally found a way to get rid of razor burn, though.

I went with my wife to her favorite cosmetics store and discovered they had a section dedicated to men's products. I found a shaving kit for sensitive skin that contained everything from a pre-shave conditioner to a razor burn treatment. The pre-shave conditioner stiffened up my facial hair so the razor would be more efficient per stroke. The razor itself had special lubricating strips, and the shaving gel didn't turn to foam.

What I liked best was the "shaving repair kit" that contained non-alcoholic lotions to soothe razor burn and shaving bumps.

Post 1

I used to get razor burn all of the time when I first started shaving. One way I learned how to get rid of razor burn was to use a lighter touch while shaving. I was using far too much pressure on each stroke, and the result was irritated skin. When I switched to a better razor and used shaving gel instead of shaving cream, I got a much better result. I now let the blades do most of the work instead of scraping them against my face and neck.

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