How do I get Rid of Ingrown Facial Hairs?

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Ingrown facial hairs, commonly referred to as razor bumps, occur when a portion of the shaved hair gets trapped back into the hair follicle. This is frequently caused by improper shaving techniques. One of the most effective ways to treat ingrown facial hairs is to learn to use shaving methods that will make it less likely for this to become a recurring problem. Once the ingrown facial hairs do occur, tweezers may be able to be used to release the ingrown portion of the hairs, although the hairs should not be completely plucked out.

Proper shaving techniques are crucial in avoiding ingrown facial hairs. It is important to avoid applying too much pressure to the razor and to remember to never shave against the growth of the hair. Attempting to shave too closely can increase the risk of developing ingrown hairs. Applying a cleanser that contains an ingredient known as salicylic acid may help to prevent clogged pores, thus making ingrown hairs less likely.

A gentle facial scrub can be used every other day to help exfoliate the skin. This helps to deep clean the pores while removing dead skin cells from the face. It may also be helpful to take a day or two off from shaving from time to time to prevent further irritation to the skin. The use of electric razors may increase the chances of developing ingrown facial hairs.


Once ingrown facial hairs have occurred, care should be taken to gently release the trapped portions of those hairs. To prepare for this process, the face should be washed with warm water. A very warm, but not hot, washcloth can then be held over the affected area for a few minutes in order to soften the skin.

After the skin has been softened and prepared, a pair of sharp tweezers should be sterilized. This can be done by soaking the tweezers in rubbing alcohol. The sterilized tweezers can then be used to gently free the trapped portions of the hair. It is important to avoid digging too hard into the skin or causing any type of irritation that may lead to an infection. Once the trapped end of the hair has been released, healing can begin.

Following the release of the ingrown facial hair, a gentle soap should be used to thoroughly clean the area. Hydrogen peroxide or another type of gentle antiseptic should then be applied to the skin. The final step is the application of a gentle moisturizer that does not contain alcohol.


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Post 3

@MikeMason-- If they are not too deep under the skin, you can burn the tip of a needle to sterilize it and use it to remove ingrown facial hairs. Make sure to clean your skin and hands before doing this. Salycilic acid toner is also great for ingrown hairs.

Post 2

@MikeMason-- You can usually get ingrown hairs to come out from under the skin by exfoliation. But if you have sensitive skin, that can be a problem because it might irritate you.

I'm not too sure about razors, but I think that a single blade is better. Multiple blades will shave closer to the skin and that usually causes ingrown hairs.

You might also want to visit a spa for a one time ingrown facial hair treatment. They can help you treat the current ones and give you products to use to avoid them in the future.

If any of the ingrown hairs are infected though, you need to see a doctor. I had an infected ingrown hair and I had to have my doctor remove it. I used antibiotic cream to treat it. Sometimes, it's better to have an expert take care of it.

Post 1

Are razors with a single blade or multiple blades better for avoiding ingrown facial hairs?

I've been dealing with this problem for months now. I don't shave everyday and after each shave, I developed a bunch of ingrown hairs that are irritating and painful. They also look bad.

I've stopped using an electric razor for this reason, but the problem hasn't gone away. Any recommendations?

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