How do I get Rid of Armpit Fat?

Anna T.

If you have a lot of armpit fat, chances are good that you may also have fat in other places. Getting rid of fat in one specific area of your body is possible, but it can be difficult. Losing weight and building muscle tone will likely help with reducing the amount of armpit fat you have as well as eliminating fat in other areas of your body. If you have no other areas of body fat that are of concern to you other than your armpits, you may still be able to get rid of your armpit fat by working out and watching what you eat. Exercises that build up muscle in your arms and upper body may be the most likely to help with getting rid of fat under your arms.

Skipping junk foods, like potato chips, can help people get rid of fat.
Skipping junk foods, like potato chips, can help people get rid of fat.

Burning calories through exercise is often very effective with cardiovascular workouts. Swimming or using an elliptical machine are two methods of cardio exercise that involve your upper body, and both of these should help with eliminating your armpit fat. You should make an effort to do at least 30 minutes to an hour of cardio roughly three times a week. It's typically recommended to take a day off between cardio workouts so your body can rest. Doing exercises on consecutive days could possibly result in an injury, particularly if you are fairly new to exercising.

Toning the triceps muscles helps to alleviate armpit fat.
Toning the triceps muscles helps to alleviate armpit fat.

One of the best ways to make your armpit fat go away is to build up muscle in your arms. Your fat will turn into muscle if you frequently do strength-training, and muscle takes up less space than fat does. As a result, your armpit fat may become either non-existent or much less noticeable than before. There are a variety of different exercises you can do using free weights that will build up biceps and triceps, which are the two main groups of muscles in your arms. You only need to do about 15 minutes of strength-training three or four times a week to begin seeing results.

In addition to working out your muscles and burning calories with cardio, you should also start watching what you eat if you want to lose armpit fat. Opt for healthy foods over junk food whenever possible. Lean meat, whole grains, and green vegetables are much healthier than white breads, potato chips, and pizzas. It may also be a good idea to start drinking more water. You can cut out a lot of calories just by replacing sodas and other calorie-laden beverages with water every day.

Curls help strengthen the biceps and other muscles of the arms.
Curls help strengthen the biceps and other muscles of the arms.

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@literally45-- Wearing an ill-fitting bra can make armpit fat worse. I suggest getting measured at a lingerie store and purchasing a good fitting bra.


@literally-- I can't say I'm an expert on this subject but I've been into fitness for years. From what I've learned from my fitness instructors and friends, you can't just aim at removing fat in one part of the body. Exercises that work out the arms, shoulders and chest will help. But if you're prone to fat buildup around the armpit, it will take some time to get rid of it. For some people, this is the last part of their body that loses fat.

So I suggest continuing with your diet and workout. Be patient, give yourself time and eventually, you will lose the fat there.


I have an armpit fat problem. I've lost weight and my body is fairly toned, but the armpit fat doesn't budge! I'm scared to wear sleeveless shirts and dresses because I'm so ashamed of how my arms look.

I do work out my arms and I watch what I eat. I don't know what else to do to get rid of this fat. Please help!

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