How do I get Reliable Gold Investment Advice?

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The most reliable gold investment advice will come from a professional, who can be a firm or an individual who is registered to give financial advice. Under the law, this professional is required to give advice that is free of any conflict of interest. This investment advisor will most likely provide his services for a fee, and he or she will provide these services through periodic newsletters or on an individual consultation basis. Moreover, the individual who wants to access the gold market through futures will be best served by a licensed commodity trading advisor. Furthermore, there are rating services that grade financial advisers, which can be useful before choosing a professional investment adviser.

Most likely, the professional advisor will point the person who wants to invest in gold in the right direction. This holds true whether the investor wants to engage in active gold trading in the futures market, trade in gold stocks on the stock market or even buy physical gold bullion or gold bars. This professional should ideally be an expert in commodities, especially the precious metals.


There are many investment advisers who will sit down with an investor and seek to understand their particular situation and objectives. After this consultation, they should be able to provide the investor a reliable gold investment advice to fit his or her goals. There are also those who are known as gold bugs and who write regular newsletters that have strong gold investment advice. These newsletters usually require a subscription fee, but this fee can be relatively affordable in comparison with the individual consultations.

Furthermore, there are those advisers who will give a gold investment advice based on theories alone. These types are not always reliable if they do not possess firsthand experience of making gold investments. On the other hand, advisers who understand the theory and have a hands-on experience investing in gold as well as a strong track record are likely to be the most reliable advisers.


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