How do I get Nausea Relief?

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Nausea is a sensation that generally precedes vomiting. The sensation commonly begins as an uneasiness in the stomach followed by the urge to regurgitate. Nausea relief in most cases will strictly depend on the nausea cause, although, there are some general things that may be done to provide basic relief of nausea. For instance, nausea may be alleviated by avoiding foods as long as the sensation is present and by resting by either sitting still or lying down until the sensation passes. In addition nausea relief may be obtained by slowly sipping on clear liquids and altering offending medicines that may be causing the nausea.

Sometimes nausea occurs after eating. There are several reasons why this may happen. Nausea will often occur after a meal if the person eats too much or too quickly. To get nausea relief for this cause, it is generally a good idea to avoid consuming additional foods until the nausea subsides. Solid foods in particularly should be avoided until the nausea spell completely passes.


Rest may also be used to obtain nausea relief. When a person gets nauseous, sitting still or lying down for an extended amount of time will often help the sensation pass. Rest may also be used to prevent nausea that often occurs after eating. Commonly, when a person eats and moves around a lot it will cause him or her to get nauseous. For this reason, it is important to allow food to digest properly before becoming overly active.

In addition to food, large amounts of liquids should not be consumed when one is experiencing nausea. Just as consuming a large amount of food can make nausea worse, so can a large amount of liquids. Instead of consuming large quantities of fluids, slowly sipping on clear liquids may provide nausea relief. In most cases, it is recommended that the liquid not be heavily acidic, therefore orange juice would not be a drink of choice to soothe nausea. Alternatively, small sips of a clear fluid such as ginger ale will commonly help alleviate nausea in many people.

One of the most common side effects of medications is nausea. In fact, some medications cause chronic nausea that is ongoing. When medications are the cause, nausea treatment will generally involve reducing or eliminating the particular offending medicine. Doctors may have to prescribe a substitute medicine to provide continual treatment, but eliminate the medicine causing extreme nausea in a patient.

Sometimes, certain medical conditions cause nausea. Some of the most common conditions include pregnancy, food poisoning, ulcers, infection and cancer. Nausea and stress as well as anxiety and nausea at times occur together as well. When there is a distinctive cause of nausea, nausea relief will become more specific and will be geared toward the individual cause. Individuals suffering from unexplained nausea who have not sought medical treatment should do so as soon as possible to ensure the nausea is not being caused by a serious illness.


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Post 3

The only thing that gives me nausea relief during pregnancy is crackers. I always keep a packet by my bed for morning sickness. It's a wonderful way to settle the stomach.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- Sometimes that can happen, but if it's happening all the time, I think you need to see a doctor for treatment.

If stress is the cause of your nausea, an anti-anxiety medication may be helpful. If your nausea is due to acid reflux, then there are medications that you can use for that. It's not a good idea to delay your treatment like this. You're making life harder for yourself. You should get checked out by a doctor and try to treat the cause of your nausea.

I had nausea and stomach acidity for a long time. I was taking over the counter medications without results but I didn't give up, I went to a different doctor. Eventually, the culprit was found, the cause was stomach bacteria. I took antibiotics for a while and all of my symptoms disappeared.

There are many different causes of nausea, so let the doctors figure it out for you.

Post 1

I experience nausea frequently because of stress. I also have a sensitive stomach and acidic foods make me nauseated. I usually first try to calm down my stomach by putting a hot pack on my tummy and by drinking chamomile and ginger tea. But sometimes nothing helps and the nausea doesn't go away until I vomit. It sounds unpleasant, but vomiting provides relief from severe nausea. I also have indigestion when I'm nauseated, so emptying my stomach makes my nausea go away in a short period of time.

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