How do I get Modeling Jobs?

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It’s a dream of many girls and boys; they’ll suddenly be walking along and be discovered by an agent who will make them a supermodel. These discoveries are rare, and in fact most people should treat any promise of instant success with a certain amount of skepticism. Most people get modeling jobs in an entirely different fashion, which involves some expenditure, self-promotion, and work, in addition to having the particular look that an agency or client wants.

Usually the most reliable way to get modeling jobs is by having an agent, but it can take some work to get one. Occasionally, agents will hold open casting calls, but more often, people must try to solicit agents to take them on, which means having multiple copies of several good pictures, and a copy of a resume that lists any previous modeling work. It does help to live in a major city, but there may be talent agent that books locally in smaller cities. Just bear in mind that agencies should only charge a fee if they book jobs for the model. There should be no upfront fees, and an agency attached to a modeling school that charges money is highly disreputable.


It can also be important to practice modeling. Study the different types, like commercial versus high fashion modeling. Practice runway walk with someone who can observe and critique. Get a friend to take pictures and ask people to honestly assess them. Fortunately, there are many examples of models pursuing their profession on television, and in the pages of most magazines. Studying these examples and practicing them can help people become better models, and some people do become better trained as result of attending acting or modeling schools. People should simply be concerned about schools that promise professional bookings after taking classes, but there are also some good schools that merely train models.

When looking for modeling jobs, there are websites that do advertise them. Some sites will list casting calls for agents or agencies. Any city may have a few jobs listed in the “gigs” section of their local craigslist page, and these jobs may not be booked through agents.

Local communities may have fashion shows, or other opportunities to model and gain experience. Designers that live in the area might need fit models for their clothing, and these can opportunities to work. People do need to be wary of jobs offered in online settings. Some may be particularly looking for models or actors to work in the exotic or porn industries, and these jobs don’t tend to lead to a modeling career for most people.

This is another reason why having an agent can be so important. Agents can wade through the scams and only book legitimate modeling jobs for the people they represent. Their work is to make sure that they get their clients employment while protecting them at the same time. This means they are less likely to send models to a booking that hasn’t been investigated fully as a potential scam, and truly usually the best modeling jobs and the ability to maintain a modeling career is through an agency or agent representation.


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