How do I get Linux&Reg; Training?

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The Linux operating system is growing rapidly in popularity, and as such, getting Linux training may help advance your career. There are many resources available to get Linux training. For instance, there are online Linux classes, live training, instructional books and demonstration videos. These training opportunities help you to develop your skills in the operating system and develop enough proficiency to qualify for one of the many Linux certification programs.

Online Linux training comes in several formats. For instance, video training allows you to watch as experts lead classes about the operating system. Additionally, there are live webinars that offer interactive experiences, allowing you to follow the instructor while having the ability to interact and ask questions on the lesson. For more individual training, there are online tutorials that walk you through lessons, allowing you to learn at your own pace and choose your own topics.

Some training is free and provided by communities of Linux users on the Internet. These communities can be helpful as you learn about the Linux operating system by giving you a place to ask questions. You often can find ongoing discussions about particular programming issues and tips on how to resolve them as well.


Live Linux training seminars also are available to help you develop the skills you require. Many of these seminars are “hands off” classes, meaning that you watch an instructor teach and his or her activities are projected on a screen for you to observe. While you never actually touch a computer during these seminars, workbooks are usually provided, allowing you to take notes and practice what you learn later.

Hands-on Linux classes often take place at training centers in classrooms set up with computers with the Linux operating system installed for each student. During classes at these centers, instructors lead you in exercises to teach various aspects of Linux. Many of these training centers also offer you online resources to supplement the learning experience and provide assistance while you practice skills learned during class. Testing for Linux certifications is also available at some of these training centers.

Linux training materials commonly are available in book format as well and offer instruction for a variety of skill levels. For instance, if you are a beginner, Linux books exist that provide an overview and teach the basics of the system. More advanced books and manuals exist for those with higher skill levels. Additionally, many of these books come with a DVD that features complementary data, such as practice files, for various segments in the book; they may also contain videos demonstrating the various Linux exercises. Some books include Internet links that supply additional Linux learning materials as well.


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