How do I get IVF Funding?

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In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments are typically very expensive. Among the possible sources of IVF funding are insurance policies, savings accounts, cashed-in investments, and loans. You may also consider participating in a clinical trial in order to get IVF procedures for free. While egg sharing may not be legal in some jurisdictions, it represents another possible option for obtaining IVF funding.

Generally, the most likely place to look for IVF funding is with your insurance company. If your insurance company will pay for all — or even most — of the necessary treatments, your dream of having a baby may seem more realistic. Unfortunately, however, many insurance companies do not cover IVF, and you may be left to find funds for it on your own.

If you have a savings account with a substantial sum of money in it, you may decide to use that as your source of IVF funding. You may also consider cashing in any investments you have in order to raise money. You may find, however, that you cannot raise enough money from either of these sources. IVF often costs thousands of dollars for a single cycle, and it could take more than one cycle for you to conceive.


A loan may provide a source of IVF funding if you have good credit. You may, for example, take out a health care loan in order to handle the costs associated with IVF treatments. You may also consider taking a basic bank loan in order to raise the funds you need. While this option many provide you with the money you need for fertility treatments, you will be committing to the repayment of a large sum of money, usually with a hefty amount of interest tacked on to the principal.

Some people are able to get IVF treatments by agreeing to participate in a clinical trial. If you qualify to participate in such a study in your area, you may get IVF free of charge or at a discounted price. The problem with this option for getting IVF funding is that you may have to take drugs and submit to procedures that haven’t been well tested yet. As such, participating in IVF research could translate into a risk for your health.

Another option for IVF funding is called egg sharing. This is a situation in which you share some of your eggs with another infertile individual or couple in exchange for a discount on your own IVF procedure. Unfortunately, this option may be illegal in some places. Some legal experts assert that a woman cannot give informed consent to an egg sharing contract if she is only agreeing because she cannot afford IVF otherwise.


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More affordable IVF is taking place in countries outside the United States such as Britain. There women have become pregnant through an experimental IVF procedure being compared to the chemical reaction that takes place with Alka Seltzer tablets. The procedure costs less than a thousand pounds, but that cost is expected to increase once the process is commercialized.

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