How Do I Get into Freelance Fashion?

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Breaking into freelance fashion might start with individual clients or obtaining a contract with a clothing manufacturer. Some freelance fashion designers start their own business by opening a boutique to sell their unique creations, while others partner with established business owners on a consignment basis. Online marketing might become a useful tool for designers working on their own, along with word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Freelance fashion represents a competitive career choice for the novice hoping to sell his or her work. Artistic talent is required to become successful as a freelance fashion designer. An entrepreneur should know how to sketch design ideas, create patterns, and sew when creating clothing. If the designer focuses on accessories, it might be helpful to stay abreast of current trends in hats, scarves, jewelry, and handbags.

A freelancer needs adequate funds to create a line of work and market finished pieces. It might take awhile before sales translate into profits, so a good business plan might consider these factors. Marketing might include a Web site to expose designs to a wide audience. Market research to identify potential clients and assess the competition might also help a freelance fashion designer succeed.


Most fashion designers create a portfolio of their work to present to clothing manufacturers. A professional portfolio shows photos of models wearing the designer’s clothing or accessories. This tool might help a designer obtain individual clients or convince an owner of a clothing store to carry a line of work.

Computer-aided design software gives freelance fashion designers an opportunity to experiment with an idea. These software packages permit a designer to change the color, fabric, or cut of a garment to get the desired look. Some computer programs include virtual models of both sexes with different body types to help the designer tailor his or her creation to the target population.

A person who wants to enter the freelance fashion industry needs persistence and self-promotion skills. He or she should investigate local laws that regulate self-employment, including tax issues, business licenses, and employee law when hiring help. If the business plan includes opening a clothing store, zoning laws might apply. The designer might also examine foot traffic at the location, and nearby competition.

Freelance fashion designers can look for opportunities to get their work seen. They might offer to organize a charity fashion show featuring their clothing or accessories. Flexibility is considered important when starting any new business, along with the ability to discard marketing strategies that fail and develop new techniques.


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