How Do I Get Hotel Work Experience?

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The hotel and hospitality industry offers many types of employment for job seekers. Hotels need a variety of employees for front desk work, performing cleaning duties, security and managing day-to-day operations. More demanding and lucrative jobs generally require prospective employees to have some form of prior hotel work experience. People seeking to enter the hospitality industry may wish to look for entry-level positions that require less upfront experience or seek temporary positions from staffing agencies. Students enrolled in a hotel management program can search for internship opportunities within the field.

One of the easiest ways to get hotel work experience is to apply for entry-level positions within the industry. Positions in housekeeping, recreation, and food and beverage typically require less experience and those areas may need extra employees during seasonal periods. While these jobs can be physically demanding, they also can help an employee develop contacts within the industry and a familiarity with how hotels operate. Other types of prior service industry experience can helpful in proving that an applicant is qualified for a customer service role within a hotel environment. Some employees may wish to start out in smaller hotels to gain some experience before applying for work in more exclusive properties.


Going through temporary staffing agencies can be another good method of acquiring hotel work experience. Hotels often contract with temp agencies to find employees to fill in for staff members who are ill or on vacation. This can be a good method of finding seasonal employment or part-time work in areas that attract tourists. Temping also offers ways to find permanent positions within the industry and allows people to make useful contacts. Temporary employees may have to deal with lower wages and reduced work benefits, depending on their agreement with their staffing agency.

People interested a management career within the hotel and hospitality industry often enroll in a two- or four-year degree program dedicated to this field. While these programs can help prepare an employee for many facets of the hotel workplace, the classroom cannot provide real-world experience. Students may wish to seek hotel work experience in the form of an internship or summer employment. Internships can provide a good opportunity for students to learn, without requiring them to have the same level of expertise as a regular employee. Many internships are competitive and may require prospective applicants to possess a minimum level of customer service knowledge to qualify for these hotel work experience opportunities.


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Post 2

Motels and small hotels are good locations for starting a career in hotel services. If you prefer a more lively environment then I suggest you do as the article alluded to and look for openings at resorts and hotels near tourist hot spots.

Seasonal employment is usually available, and you have a solid opportunity of landing a job when you start your search early. I recommend you start looking and applying at the end of the busy season, so you will be at the top of the list for the following season.

Post 1

Getting your foot in the door in the hotel business is relatively easy compared to some other professions. Motels are often looking for housekeepers and front desk people. These are not necessarily luxury establishments, and this may partly explain why worker turnover is steady.

The salary with motels is generally low, but if you're willing to put in the time, you gain valuable experience.

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