How do I get Free House Plans?

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Choosing the right house plan is an important step for anyone who is thinking of having a home built, whether for themselves or for resale. The house must comply with neighborhood regulations in many cases, while still being functional for the family who will live there. Hiring a professional architect is pricey, as is buying ready-made plans from retailers. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to find free house plans as an alternative.

First you should check out your local library. Many libraries have books full of free home plans in all sizes and price ranges. These books may require you to buy the full plans from the original architects, but many of them are detailed enough that copies would suffice. This is especially true if you plan to build the home yourself.

Websites may also offer free home plans if you look thoroughly for legitimate sites. Some may charge a flat membership fee in exchange for plans, while others display a few free homes plans and many others that must be purchased. Since there are many websites with these features available, it may be possible to find just the right home by looking through the free home plans listed on several of them.


If you know someone who built a home, check with him as well. He may be willing to offer free home plans used when building his own house or a house that was built and sold. This limits the selection available, but you may get lucky and find a house you love. Another version of this is to post an ad on an online classifieds site requesting free house plans.

Finally, if you are artistically inclined, you may draw up free house plans yourself. Even if you are not an architect, a simple home plan may be a feasible task for amateurs. Check with local guidelines for regulations on homes built in your area to be sure the house you design meets all codes and ordinances.

You may even be able to get ideas for house plans by purchasing or checking out books and copying some of those designs for your self-drawn house plans. This allows you to tweak the floor plan to your liking by allowing you to add features you want and removing those you do not. This way of finding free house plans is perhaps the most rewarding because your home will be fully customized and personalized.


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Post 5

@Babalaas- I bought a prefabricated home from Pacific homes that you would never have known was a prefab unless I told you. Plenty of other home builders exist that will design, or sell you prefabricated homes that look nothing like the double wides and ranches of prefabs past.

I actually did not even use the design from Pacific Homes. I use free house plan designs, and had their engineers build my prefab at no extra cost. A reputable prefab home builder will also make sure that the home they build meets code for the location you live.

I submitted my plans for an energy efficient, modern contemporary home and tit came out awesome. The costs of buying a prefab were less than stick built, and the construction was quick. I am sure that you can find a company that can build you a great prefabricated home in your price range.

Post 4

Where can I find information about prefabricated and kit houses? I have been looking through house floor plans, but I have not found any plans that work on my budget. I would like to weigh my options and look at prefabricated or kit homes that are of better quality than doublewide trailers or thin walled prefabricated homes.

Furthermore, I would like to find something that is energy efficient and somewhat modern looking. There must be a market, or some company that sells higher end prefabricated or kit homes. If anyone can give me information, or direct me to floor plans for these types of homes, I would be in your debt. I am looking for something in the 2000 square foot range that has a little style and at least three bedrooms.

Post 3

I would love to find plans for a New England style bungalow. I have been looking everywhere for bungalow style house plans, but have had little luck. Does anyone know where I could find free plans like this?

Post 2

@GlassAxe- When my parents built their house in Hawaii, they wanted something that would take advantage of the climate and feature Japanese influences and design features. They looked at plans for about six months before they finally decided on a design.

They viewed a number of free plans from books borrowed from the library to get an idea of the different design features available. This also let them view plans from a number of different architects. Having access to free house plans and designs allowed my parents to build their dream home. In my opinion, free plans have a purpose, and are important in helping people trying to design a home.

Post 1

I would think that it would be better to buy house plans than use free plans. A person who is building a house, is already making a huge investment, so spending a little extra to get the plans you want would be better than settling for free plans.

I would also be skeptical about taking free plans from websites because more often than not, things are rarely free. There is always a catch, and possibly even malicious intent behind giving something away for free online. Furthermore, the structural integrity of your home is involved, so I believe it is best left to the professionals.

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