How do I get Free Government Grant Money?

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Almost all governmental funds are assigned to state programs. Thus, free government grant money is rare, though some people may qualify for these funds. Regardless, governments do not give out money to anyone or for any cause. Instead, grant money must be entirely justified.

If your government is actually handing out free government grant money, then the best way to apply for these funds is to visit your government's website. Paying any kind of fee to a private company that promises to secure free government grant money for you is not recommended. Instead, take the time to view the information listed on your government's website.

Governments do not usually offer funds to those people who seek personal financial assistance. People who need extra money in order to pay personal debts must speak with a debt counselor. Government organizations, educational organizations, public housing organizations, non-profits, for-profits, some small businesses, and certain individuals may apply for free government grant money. After spending some time searching through possible government grants, you may find a grant that applies to your situation. Even after you find a possible grant, you will need to compile a written document requesting these funds.


Writing a grant request requires a vast amount of work. You will have to explain why you are applying for free government grant money, what you plan to do with this money, and what your background is. Many people who apply for government grants hire professional writers to compose grant requests, since this type of writing must be extremely precise.

Keep in mind that thousands of people apply for government grants on a regular basis. Out of those thousands, only a select few will actually obtain any free government grant money that is available. Contrary to popular belief, these funds are not given out without extensive research. Therefore, any grant application that is submitted will take months to approve. Also, most organizations and individuals do not solely rely upon grant funds. Instead, other loans and grants must be gained in order to gather all funds necessary to start a business, run an organization, or fund your individual interests.

While government grants are certainly useful, they are not meant to provide an endless supply of funds. Remember, any private company that claims to have exclusive access to government grant money should not be trusted. The only way to gain these funds is to apply for a grant directly with your government.


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Rupesh Pawani
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I applied to 99 federal agencies on grant applications. They don't give grants to individuals because of the scams telling people that they can get a grant for them just by sending $1.95 and they will send a CD telling how to process a grant, then will charge up $99 every month on your credit card.

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