How do I get Etiquette Certification?

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Getting etiquette certification usually involves attending classes and completing some kind of examination in a satisfactory manner. There is no uniform etiquette certification system, so every etiquette school offers a different form of certification if any at all. Many schools offer certification for teaching etiquette, while others offer certification to graduates of etiquette courses as a mark of prestige with which to impress potential employers. Choosing the right etiquette certification is often the hardest part of getting certified, as there are many different schools and programs.

Picking an etiquette certification program can be problematic, but is easily resolved by thinking about your needs. Not only are there schools that offer physical classes, but there are also online programs to consider. It is usually best to think about what you want to have certification for. If you want to open an etiquette school, for instance, then being certified in a method that is respected and has a wide breadth of applications may be the best path. Alternatively, if you are trying to impress a potential employer with your knowledge of a foreign culture's etiquette, certification that is specific to the etiquette of that country would be more appropriate.


Once a program is chosen, the next step is to apply yourself to learning the etiquette being taught. Not only must you perform all tasks and assignments as instructed, but you must also go above and beyond the degree of excellence expected. While it is important to fully comprehend the subject when seeking etiquette certification, showing enthusiasm and interest can lead to a good recommendation from the etiquette teacher. If the course is online, this may not be possible.

For courses in which there is a final exam involved, it is important to study for that exam and pass it. Certification almost always involves satisfactory performance during both the course and the exam. Depending on the type of certification, this exam may be written or may involve actually performing certain acts. Most programs outline what is required to pass in the beginning of the course.

Etiquette certification is usually not a necessary part of education, but showing that you have initiative and are willing to go the extra mile can greatly impress future employers. Most certification programs are very short and can be passed with a reasonable degree of effort. The benefits of certification through a physical school may not justify the cost of the program, but if the course is being used on a resume, it is a good idea to attend a school that sounds reputable.


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