How do I get EPIC Certification?

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The EPIC certification is a credential that is sought by professional evidence photographers. It is considered particularly important for individuals who have the job of photographing crime scenes. An individual who seeks this credential has to pay a fee and pass an exam to earn certification. The company that provides certification, which is called the Evidence Photographers International Council, also advises certification candidates to attend the education program it provides as preparation for the exam. This is not required, however, and candidates may find ways to prepare on their own.

The Evidence Photographers International Council is a non-profit organization that has been in business since 1968. It works to educate members of its organization and assist with the advancement of the field. An individual may seek EPIC certification to position himself as an expert and gain more assignments and greater credibility. This certification may also work to demonstrate a desirable level of achievement in the field. Additionally, a person who seeks this certification typically prepares in a manner that will greatly increase his knowledge of evidence photography and participates in continuing education that helps him to maintain his credential.


The first step for a person who wants to earn EPIC certification is usually registering for the exam and education program. Registration is usually required at least 21 days before an EPIC education program is scheduled to begin. If an individual does not plan to take the education program, he must register for the test at least five days before the written exam date.

Those who do opt to participate in the education program may need a laptop to review the learning materials the organization provides on CD. For this education program, the test material is divided into three modules. Each module is covered in a day and a half of education that is followed by an afternoon of testing.

Regardless of whether or not a person has participated in the education program, he is required to submit sample images. These images are reviewed as part of the EPIC certification process. They are to be submitted following successful completion of the exam.

Once a person has passed all three sections of the certification test and the image submission review, he receives his certification. Re-certification takes place every four years. To be eligible for re-certification, a person may either take the certification exam again, take 30 hours of EPIC education, or attend EPIC’s yearly conference.


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Post 3

I hope someone can answer this question. I was in the middle of getting Epic certified and my sponsor was dropped. I understand you need a sponsor but I'm

not sure what Epic's policy is in regards to this type of situation.

I had completed all the course and had one project left with a couple of exams. Can I still complete my certification? I would just like some advice before I speak with Epic.

Post 2

After watching seasons of CSI, I think I'm not the only one wondering how one becomes a crime scene photographer! I took some time to find out how it works. Apparently, crime scene photographers begin their careers through different routes. Some simply receive on the job training and start out assisting professional forensic photographers while others have degrees in Criminal Justice, Forensics or Criminology. Certification is another way of entering the field, however; certification requirements change from state to state and also depend on the specific police department. Aside from EPIC, many state colleges also give certification in the field of crime scene investigation. You might want to make sure you can handle the sight of some ghastly scenes before applying for a certification program though!

Post 1

Considering how many different aspects of crime investigation could possibly go wrong, it is good to know that EPIC certification training is at least fairly rigorous. So much depends on whether or not the photographs taken at a crime scene are clear and well-taken.

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