How do I get Dry Eye Relief?

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Dry eyes are a problem for millions of people around the world. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to deal with the problem and get dry eye relief. While some cases require professional medical attention, there are home remedies that work for occasional bouts of dry eye, or may be used in conjunction with prescription treatments for more advanced cases of dry eye syndrome.

One time-honored approach to dry eye relief is the use of fresh cucumber. This treatment is particularly helpful when the origin of the dry eyes has to do with eyestrain or spending time in an arid and windy environment. Chill the cucumber, then slice two small segments that are no thicker than would be used in a garden salad. Settle into a comfortable position and place a slice over each eye. Allow the slices to remain in place for at least ten minutes. Do this at least twice a day until the redness and dry sensation are gone.

There are other home remedies for dry eye relief that are often very helpful. Applying a warm moist compress to the eyes is a soothing method. The moisture from the compress helps to soothe the dry eyes, while the heat helps to clear tear ducts that may be clogged.


If you live in an arid environment, adding some humidity back into your living space may do wonders for your chronic dry eye. You can go with a simple room humidifier or install one of the larger models that help to humidify the air throughout the home. Restoring the humidity level to around 50% can often provide a lot of dry eye relief and do away with that frequent feeling of having something in your eyes.

Dry eye drops are another potential solution to consider. An old folk remedy involves the use of castor oil eyedrops. The usual formula is to use one drop of castor oil in each eye twice daily. The oil is claimed to soothe rough, dry eyes and also protect the eye from dust and other irritants in the air.

Nutritional supplements may also help with dry eye syndrome. Flaxseed and omega-3 fish oils are two prime examples. The oils help to regulate the production of tears and help the tear ducts function more efficiently, bringing about dry eye relief. Eyebright is also a possibility, as this herb helps to strengthen the eyes and help prevent irritation or infections that could lead to dry eyes.

When home remedies do not bring about dry eye relief, it is important to see an ophthalmologist for professional help. There are a number of dry eye remedies that may be used, with dry eye drops being at the top of the list. Antibiotics are also very effective when some sort of infection is the root cause of the dry eyes. Dry eye treatment may also involve hormone therapy or the use of small silicone plugs into the punctal openings. In many cases, these types of dry eye treatment bring almost instant dry eye relief.

No one should have to live with dry eyes. If simple solutions at home don’t bring about dry eye relief, don’t hesitate to see a medical professional. Chances are the treatment for your dry eyes will be quick, easy, and immediately soothing.


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I think I'd try saline drops first, since they are closer to actual tears. I'd also make sure I was drinking enough water, since hydration is so important to maintaining good health overall.

Saline drops are usually gentle on the eyes, too. I'd actually be wary of using any kind of oil, since that might conceivably attract more dust and dirt and that is certainly not good for any kind of eye condition.

As with anything concerning the eyes, see a doctor if a condition doesn't clear up. That's always the best thing to do.

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