How Do I Get Confined Space Training?

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Companies whose employees work in confined spaces usually provide confined space training to their workers. The training may differ depending on the type of space the employees are working in. There are generally two types of confined space training, entry training and rescue training. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the U.S. is responsible for setting the guidelines for certification for working in confined spaces.

There are several options for getting confined space training. There are companies that specialize in offering training materials, such as DVDs or manuals, which organizations can purchase and use to train new or existing employees. Another option is to hire a trainer who comes to the place of business and conducts the training. There are also companies that have mobile confined space simulators, so if an organization hires this type of company, the employees get hands-on training by actually going through potential scenarios that may occur in confined spaces.


Construction, manufacturing, and municipal industries are all examples in which working in confined spaces may be part of the job. Specific examples of confined spaces could include tunnels, manholes, or pipelines, to name a few. A confined space is generally considered to be an area in which access is difficult and often includes only one way in or out. Ventilation may be another consideration in a confined space, such as in a tunnel, for example. Confined space training is necessary so that workers know how to assess the hazards and control the risks that may be associated within a confined space.

In addition, confined space training generally teaches workers the use equipment to monitor chemical levels such as gas, methods to ventilate the confined space, and requirements for rescue, if that becomes necessary. In the confined space entry training, supervisors learn how to monitor their employees when they enter the spaces. The training also educates workers on other policies and procedures for working in confined spaces.

Some confined spaces require a permit for entry. These are generally spaces in which hazardous materials may be present and the danger level may be higher. In this case, workers are required to have completed confined space training before entering the area.

There are many companies that provide different types of confined space training. Searching the Internet or using OSHA as a resource are two ways to get confined space training. Although this training is mostly done on the job, individuals may purchase manuals and training equipment as well.


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