How do I get BLS Certification Online?

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Basic life support (BLS) certification is available through many websites, and it generally is inexpensive. Course content can range from basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills to comprehensive BLS, including adult and pediatric CPR, automatic external defibrillator (AED) training and instruction in bloodborne pathogens and first aid. To get BLS certification online, it is best to research the organizations providing the online training and choose one that is reputable or accredited and will provide you with certification that will be recognized or accepted by most employers and other organizations.

BLS certification is required for healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and it is open to anyone who desires training in emergency care or pre-hospital care. Other professions, such as lifeguards, police officers and teachers, might require CPR or first aid certification or AED training. BLS certification online courses are designed to provide all of the cognitive content that is found in a traditional classroom program.

There are three main types of BLS certification online courses. In one type, applicants take a free CPR course over a website and then take a free exam. After passing the exam, applicants pay for a certificate that they can print out.


Another type of BLS certification online course charges a fee for an online course. Once applicants pass the online exam, they can print out a certificate. A third type charges a fee for an online course. Once the applicants pass an online exam, they receive a printable certificate which allows them to schedule a hands-on skills evaluation with a certified instructor.

There are benefits of using an online course for BLS training. Courses are easy to sign up for and easy to use. The online course and optional skills evaluation take the place of a four- to eight-hour class. Users can take the course at their own pace, according to their own schedule, and online course providers often help users locate a local skills testing center.

The drawbacks of getting BLS certification online include the wide variance in training methods and quality from one online provider to another. Certificates issued by some online BLS training sites might not be accepted by some employers, and users might elect to skim through the training. Some sites might allow them to re-take the tests as many times as they wish until they pass.


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