How do I get an MBA in Shipping?

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The best way to earn a master's of business administration (MBA) degree in shipping is to apply to an university which offers a business graduate program with a concentration in shipping. Some colleges offer a part time MBA program instead of the traditional full time MBA program. Most admission boards accept students who are highly motivated and are currently employed within the shipping industry. Academically, students who have a strong undergraduate record and good scores on standardized exams are generally accepted into the MBA in Shipping program. The program itself is quite demanding and focuses on topics within modern shipping and management.

Generally, the first step in obtaining a MBA in Shipping degree is selecting an appropriate undergraduate program. Usually, admission boards will consider students who have a background in maritime studies, marine engineering, or transport. A degree in business or economics is also considered. It is important to get good grades and make a positive impression on professors. A letter of recommendation from a professor and a high score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) are generally required for admission into the MBA in Shipping program.


In addition to an outstanding academic record, professional experience within a shipping or business environment is required by most colleges. An internship at a company is generally a good way to build practical work experience. Military experience is also an attractive asset that many colleges look for in candidates. Primarily, most of the experience should come from a full time job after graduating from an undergraduate program. International shipping and transportation are recommended industries to work in prior to applying for a graduate program.

If the necessary prerequisites are met, an interview with the admission staff is typically required. Generally, the staff is looking for individuals with great leadership skills and excellent analytical abilities. It is recommended to speak about individual accomplishments as well as collaborative efforts with co-workers. Citing specific examples in which problems were solved and discussing issues within the shipping industry are great ways to make a good impression.

After being admitted to the MBA in Shipping program, it is recommended to complete the course work within the allotted time. Usually, a two year program consists of several core courses, which focus on the theory and practice of shipping, and a few elective courses, which cover specialized topics within the shipping industry. Generally, the program is designed to allow individuals to continue working for their current employer. The key to success is to prioritize and to take advantage of relationships with shipping companies in order to quickly get a job after graduation.


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