How do I get an MBA in Hotel Management?

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Earning a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in hotel management may help you prepare for or advance in a career in a hotel or hospitality field. The requirements for earning this type of degree may depend on where you would like to go to school. In most cases, however, you will have to earn a high school diploma, or an acceptable equivalent, followed by a bachelor’s degree to gain acceptance to an MBA in hotel management program. After earning a four-year degree, you will likely have to submit official transcripts, standardized test scores, and letters of recommendation in order to be admitted to an MBA program. Once admitted to a program, which may take two to four years to complete, you may take a range of business administration courses, including those that are focused on hotel and hospitality management.


To gain acceptance to an MBA program in hotel management, you will usually need to start off by securing a high school diploma, though a general educational development (GED) diploma or an equivalent credential may be accepted as well. Earning good grades in high school and high scores on pre-college standardized exams may help you get accepted to the four-year college of your choice. Once in college, you’ll typically need to earn a bachelor’s degree, as this degree is usually required for admission to an MBA program. Choosing a business- or finance-related major may give you a foundation of knowledge you can use as you begin working toward an advanced degree.

In most cases, MBA in hotel management programs are highly competitive. This means you’ll usually need a high grade point average and high scores on standardized exams to gain acceptance to this type of program. You may also need official transcripts from each college you’ve attended as well as recommendation letters. Most MBA programs will also require you to write a personal statement as part of the application process.

Once you are enrolled in a program and working toward an MBA in hotel management, you may take a range of courses intended to build your business knowledge and skills. You may take courses in general business topics, such as business communication and economics, as well as those specific to the hospitality field, such as food cost control and housekeeping management. At minimum, you will probably need about two years to earn an MBA in hotel management, though some students take four years to earn this degree. Additionally, there are some MBA programs that allow students to pursue an intensive course of study that can be completed in a year or less.


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