How do I get an Entry-Level Finance Job?

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To get an entry-level finance job, it is important to acquire the right skills, education, and experience for this challenging role. It is important to have a polished resume and appropriate computer skills when seeking a job in this industry, as well. Generally, entry-level employment opportunities in finance are available for new college graduates and career changers.

The first tip to landing an entry-level finance job is to take a careful inventory of the skills needed for finance and accounting work. The most obvious ability is being able to work with numbers, but there are other skills that are important to success in this field. Having a sharp eye for detail, perseverance when dealing with large amounts of data, and a basic understanding of the accounting process at the corporate level can lead to entry-level placement in finance jobs.

Finance work requires a solid education in financial principles. Seek out a college degree in accounting and finance to improve the chance of finding an entry-level finance job following graduation. While in school, there are many opportunities to work part time as an intern to gain on-the-job experience in finance. In addition, be sure to review books and videos about working in entry-level jobs in finance to gain insight into the application and interview process.


Another way to gain entry-level work in the world of finance is to learn the software applications that are generally used in accounting. These include Quickbooks®, Peachtree® and a wide range of other financial and accounting products that most professionals use on the job. Most employers looking for suitable candidates for an entry-level finance job will require at least a basic knowledge of accounting software.

For the best results when searching for an entry-level position in finance, take the time to draft a professional resume. Include any education, work experience, and community service that are pertinent to the requirements of first-year finance professional. Be sure to obtain professional and personal references who can vouch for your abilities as well.

Lastly, when trying to gain an entry-level finance job, it is a good idea to contract with financial employment placement firms that can match candidates up with entry-level work. Alternatively, consider volunteer work, community service, and internships as routes to getting real-world experience.


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