How do I get an Early Childhood Development Degree?

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An early childhood development degree, also referred to as an early childhood education degree, can be obtained by attending a university and completing the required classwork. It is possible to receive either a two-year Associate's Degree, or a four-year bachelor's degree. After you have obtained a Bachelor's Degree, you can also continue on and get a master's degree, or even a PhD. The type of degree you pursue depends on the type of employment you are seeking.

You might decide to pursue an early childhood development degree because you are interested in becoming a preschool, primary, or elementary school teacher, or a day care provider. In general, if you want to teach in an elementary school, you will need a bachelor's degree. Otherwise, an associate's degree or a certificate will typically suffice. Keep in mind that the further you take your education, you will have more opportunities and a higher income. A master's degree or a PhD in early childhood education can lead to administrative positions at schools, or a teaching position in a university.


It is best to have some experience before you decide to pursue an early childhood development degree, so you will be sure that this career path will be a good fit. Most people who decide to pursue the early childhood education degree have worked with children in some capacity before, either working at a daycare, baby sitting, or even assisting in a school. This experience can also help you get accepted into an education program at your chosen university.

Once you've decided to pursue an early childhood development degree, it is necessary to apply to schools that offer such a certification. These types of degrees are available both at traditional universities, and at online colleges, and both lead to the same degrees, so you are free to choose the one most suitable to you and your life. Most applications will require information such as high school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, extracurricular activities, and anything else the school would like to see.

When you are completing your early childhood development degree, it is important to always attend class and complete course work on time. Most education programs require their graduates to complete at least one semester of student teaching, to give you even more direct experience. When you are still in school, it is helpful to collect references, and letters of recommendation from professors, because these references can be invaluable when applying for jobs.


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Post 2

@Cafe41- I have heard that teaching reading is really fun. I just wanted to say that my son’s preschool assistant was going to school to get her degree in early childhood education and eventually was hired by the school for an early childhood education job as a full time teacher.

They offered her an open position for second grade because she was certified to teach prekindergarten to third grade. She said that she loved working with the four year olds, but likes that the seven year olds behavior a little better and also likes the fact that they don’t need so many constant reminders regarding their behavior.

I think that it is great that she stayed with the school because she really was wonderful with the children and an asset to the school.

Post 1

I just wanted to say that a friend of mine got her degree in early childhood education and she decided to work in a daycare to make sure that she really wanted to teach that age group.

She said that the experience was great for her and it helped her got a job when she eventually got her Bachelor’s degree because she had more experience working with children than the other applicants.

She is now interested in getting a Masters in education and would like to focus on reading instruction. She says that that is her favorite part of being a teacher. She really enjoys teaching reading and the satisfaction of seeing the kids’ faces when they are able to read their first books is amazing to her.

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