How do I get a Spinning&Reg; Certification?

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A person trying to attain Spinning® certification needs to attend Spinning® instructor orientation, conduct self-paced study at home, complete and pass an assessment, and participate in continuing education. Spinning® is a specific type of indoor cycling brand. Certification in Spinning® may not be accepted at fitness facilities that use other brands for indoor cycling classes. Gyms may require certified Spinning® instructors to also be certified personal trainers before they can teach classes.

Spinning® certification classes can be found online and are held around the world. A person who wants to get Spinning® certification must register and pay for Spinning® instructor orientation. This is a one-day class during which participants are taken through Phase 1 of the Spinning® instructor manual. During this phase, they will learn how to set up the bikes, how to design a class, and the proper techniques for Spinning®. Orientation attendees will take two Spinning® classes taught by Spinning® master instructors. At the end of the orientation, students will receive a certificate verifying they have attended.


After completing orientation, people who want to get Spinning® certification will engage in self-paced study to cover Phases 2 and 3 of the Spinning instructor manual. During this time, students can practice teaching classes. They can ask their local fitness centers if they can team-teach a class with a certified Spinning® instructor, or if they can practice teaching during a class for the other instructors. While working toward attaining Spinning® certification, future instructors will benefit from taking Spinning® classes from a variety of teachers. This will provide the students with real-world examples of how Spinning® classes are taught and how certified Spinning® instructors handle different situations.

Once the students have studied and feel prepared, usually after six to 12 months, they will take an assessment. This can be done online or completed in hard copy form and submitted via mail. A passing score of 80 percent or higher is needed. Once the student has achieved this score, the Spinning® certification lasts for two years from the orientation date. Certified Spinning® instructors will receive their certification cards in the mail.

Spinning® instructors need continuing education to maintain their certification status. For Spinning®, instructors need 14 STAR points every two years until a total of 40 STAR points is earned. Instructors can earn STAR points through newsletter quizzes, home study, online courses, Spinning® continuing education workshops, and other relevant workshops. Non-Spinning® workshops need to be taught by qualified providers and can address topics such as teaching and motivational techniques, bike repair, first aid, exercise science, and heart rate training.


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