How do I get a Pale Complexion?

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The three main methods that are used to achieve a pale complexion involve protecting the skin from the sun, using cosmetics to lighten the complexion, and using topical products that lighten the color of the skin. It is important to note that while there are a number of products on the market that can be used to lighten, whiten, or bleach the skin, not all of these are entirely safe. Using such products can, in some cases, lead to problems affecting the skin and other organs. The safest ways to achieve a pale complexion involve protecting the skin from the sun and using cosmetics to give the skin a lighter, more luminous look.

Protecting the skin from the sun is a great way to make sure that the skin does not darken in tone. Over time, this practice can lead to a lighter complexion as the skin will not tan and is less likely to develop freckles and age spots. Protecting the skin from the sun does not mean avoiding the sun altogether. Rather, protect the skin by using topical creams and lotions that are formulated with a sun protection factor (SPF). The skin can also be protected with clothing, so wear long sleeves and pants when possible, especially when venturing out on a sunny day.


A pale complexion can also be protected and enhanced by wearing hats with wide brims and sun glasses. Sunglasses only protect the skin around the eyes, but a hat with a wide brim can protect the face, neck, and shoulders. Some people wear hats and sunglasses even on overcast days in order to protect their skin.

In addition to protecting a pale complexion with clothing, accessories, and topical products with SPF, a lighter tone can be created with cosmetics. There are a number of kinds of cosmetics that are meant to make the skin look lighter and more luminous. In many cases these products are formulated with a reflective material such as mica flakes that cause the skin to look lighter. Foundation, concealer, powder, and accent products such as eyeshadow can all be used to create to look of a pale complexion.

For those looking for dramatic results, it may be necessary to use a skin bleaching product. Be sure to consult with a dermatologist before doing so. Also, be sure that the product has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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Post 3

@turkay1-- Lemon juice and yogurt lightens skin complexion. You can mix them together and apply it as a mask several times a week.

But the best way to maintain a light complexion is to stay out of the sun. In the summer, I never go out between 11am and 3pm because this is when the sun is strongest. And when I do go out, I wear long, light clothes, a large hat and sunglasses to protect my skin. Suncreen is a must too.

I think we should also keep in mind that even though environmental factors affect our complexion, it's mostly genetic. So it's not possible for someone with a brown complexion to become ivory white.


should concentrate on keeping our skin healthy by protecting it, drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet. If there is hyper-pigmentation or another skin problem, we should see a dermatologist and have it treated. I like pale skin too but I also love myself and I have accepted my skin color the way it is.
Post 2

Being pale is so in right now in Asia. My mom's side is Chinese and I went to visit relatives there this summer. Chinese girls love pale skin and there are so many products on the market over there to make skin paler.

One product that is a craze right now is BB cream. It's cream and foundation in one that lightens complexion. It also has sun protection so it kind of does everything at the same time. I know BB cream is also being sold in the US right now but there are only a few brands. In Asia, there are tons of brands.

There are also face masks and lotions that are supposed to make skin

tone lighter and more even. I have to admit, I picked up a couple on my way back. I kind of got caught up in the whole pale complexion trend.

It's funny because most of friends in the US go tanning even in winter!

Post 1

Is there a natural way to get pale skin?

I don't want to use skin bleaching products, I heard they are very dangerous for health.

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