How do I get a Massage Therapy License?

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Choosing to become a massage therapist can be a rewarding career. Competent therapists may choose to work for others or establish their own business. In either case, many jurisdictions do require all massage therapists to hold a current license in order to pursue business within the area. If you need to obtain a massage therapy license, here is some information you should keep in mind.

The fact is that not all cities and towns require that massage therapists have any special type of credentials. This means that if you want to work for an established massage parlor, health spa, or gym, you will not need any type of marriage therapy licensing from the local jurisdiction. When this is the case, all you really will need is your own business license if you plan on setting up your own business. In most cities and towns, this can be obtained for a small fee at the local city hall.


However, if your local jurisdiction does require that you have a current and valid massage therapy license, you will probably have to do a little more than pay a small fee to get your license for massage therapy. There is a good chance you will need to provide proof of successful completion of coursework through a recognized training program. In addition, some jurisdictions may have short exams that help to establish that you understand at least the rudiments of the profession and are capable of providing an effective and relaxing massage.

The best way to determine what you must do in order to obtain your massage therapy license is to find out which local agency will issue the document. Contact the agency and obtain any information you can regarding guidelines for application, any exams that must be completed successfully, and what type of training is required before the license can be granted. Since there is not any national procedures that govern the creation of massage therapy license requirements in most countries, the qualifications imposed by local authorities may be very broad in nature, or be highly specific in terms of training and proof of proficiency.

Once you know what is required to obtain the massage therapy license, and are certain that you meet all the required criteria, make your formal application. Depending on local regulations, you may need to submit photocopies of supporting documents such as transcripts from your training or a certificate of completion. Once your application is completed and reviewed, you are either scheduled for an upcoming exam date or you are issued your license upon paying the required fee.

Keep in mind that if you have a valid massage therapy license from another jurisdiction, it may be possible to forego the usual requirements and obtain a new license immediately. However, there are jurisdictions that require everyone to follow the same procedures, even if the individual holds a valid massage therapy license from another city or town.


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Post 3

One thing I've never understood is how you can get a massage therapy diploma online. I see all these advertisements for online massage therapy colleges or distance massage continuing education courses, but I really thought that massage was really hands on. How can you possibly have the practical training needed to be a good massage therapist through a distance course?

Post 2

Even after you get your basic licensing, there are also many courses for continuing education for massage therapists.

For instance, many massage therapists choose to specialize in one discipline, like Esalen massage or infant massage.

And let me tell you, like anything else, the more certifications and training you have, the better your job prospects are going to be.

So bear in mind that you probably won't want to completely stop your education when you get your massage therapy diploma.

More specialization will invariably lead to more clients.

Post 1

When choosing a license school or massage therapy college, it really is important to choose a good, reputable one.

Many spas won't even hire you if your massage therapy continuing education is from one that hasn't dotted all the "i"s and crossed all the "t"s.n

Of course you can still work on your own, but if you really want to spend all that time and money on your massage therapist education, you might as well get the most out of it as you possibly can.

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