How Do I Get a Job with a Felony?

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If you wish to get a job with a felony you should be sure to take advantage of any government options available to you to help you rejoin the workforce. You should also try to advance your own education in any ways possible, including receiving a degree or certification that may help you gain employment. There are certain jobs you should look for as you try to get a job with a felony, such as those involving labor or small companies that may be more willing to give you a chance, while other positions are simply unavailable to you as a convicted felon, such as working with firearms or explosives.

While it can be somewhat difficult to get a job with a felony, it is not impossible. If you are recently released, then you should be sure to adhere to any limitations or restrictions you may have based on parole or supervised release. You should also be sure to avoid any situations that may get you in legal trouble once again, as this can quickly place you back in prison. In some regions there are government programs that can help you find a job with a felony, and you should look into any such programs in your area.


The more education you have, the easier it can often be to find a job with a felony. This means you should try to complete or receive any education available to you. If you did not complete high school, then you should complete a general educational development (GED) program, and consider attending a community college or trade school to better prepare you to find a job with a felony. You might also consider opportunities that require little training, such as day labor positions.

Certain types of work may be more available for someone who has a felony conviction. Small companies in need of work may be more willing to give you a job with a felony than larger companies. Whenever you fill out an application, you should be honest and indicate that you do have a felony conviction if asked on the application. Many companies perform background checks before hiring and lying on an application is almost certain grounds for not being hired or being fired if discovered after hiring.

You should also be aware that certain positions simply are not available to you as a convicted felon. Jobs with law enforcement agencies, for example, typically cannot be held by someone with a felony conviction. You might also consider contacting a temporary placement agency to help you find a job with a felony conviction. Many of these companies keep a record of companies that hire convicted felons and can help direct you toward an appropriate position.


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There are no jobs available with felony of any time. This is a myth or tale told to younger incarcerated younger people so they believe they still have a shot at life. The real world reality is most jobs need background checks and you need to consider the applicants who are applying for the same job minus felony charges.

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