How do I get a Health Insurance Reimbursement?

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The process you’ll have to follow to obtain a health insurance reimbursement varies from insurance company to insurance company. First you’ll usually have to check whether or not the payments you’ve made are reimbursable. Then, you’ll typically have to obtain and submit a health insurance reimbursement form. In most cases, you’ll have to provide copies of your bills and receipts along with your form, and some insurance companies may even require a doctor’s signature. Depending on your insurance company’s policies, you may submit the completed form through the mail, via fax, or online.

When you are seeking a health insurance reimbursement from your insurance company, the first step you will usually have to take is learning the requirements for receiving reimbursement for medical care. Some insurance companies will only provide reimbursement for certain types of health care treatments and for care you receive from doctors within a specific network. Others may provide reimbursement for necessary care you received from an out-of-network doctor but limit the amount of money for which they will reimburse you.


Once you’ve learned whether or not you are eligible for a health insurance reimbursement, you will usually need fill out a form to request a reimbursement. You can usually find such a form on your insurance company’s website. In such a case, you can download and print the form at home. If you cannot find the form you need online, however, you will likely need to call your insurance company and ask for a reimbursement form. In this situation, a health insurance company will usually mail or fax the form to you.

The form you’ll have to complete to get health insurance reimbursement will typically require you to provide your name, date of birth, address, and contact information. You will usually have to provide your insurance policy numbers and other identifying information as well. Likewise, if you are not the main policyholder for the insurance coverage, you will likely have to provide the main policyholder’s name and contact information. This form will also include sections for you to fill in regarding the date you received health care, the provider who cared for you, and the reason you needed care.

In order to submit your health insurance reimbursement form and receive reimbursement in a timely manner, you may have to submit the bills you paid and receipts for payment as well. You may do well to send copies to the insurance company and keep the originals for yourself. Some insurance companies may also require you to have the form signed by a health care provider as proof you received the care listed.

You will generally have to fax or mail the health care reimbursement form to your insurance company to receive reimbursement. There are, however, health insurance companies that have online submission processes as well. In such a case, you will usually have to scan your bills, receipts, and any other supporting documents so they can be submitted along with your online form.


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