How Do I Get a Certificate in International Trade?

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A certificate in international trade is issued to students who complete a series of courses and seminars taught at colleges and universities that offer it as a program of study. The certificate serves as evidence to future and current employers that the student has demonstrated a level of mastery over the topics covered in the certification classes. Courses included as part of the program's curriculum generally cover financially relevant topics such as globalization and currency exchanges. You can get a certificate in international trade by applying to a university program and passing the courses necessary for completion.

Many different colleges offer a certificate in international trade, for both full-time and part-time students. Certificates can also be earned through online coursework in some university programs. As they may want to accommodate the schedule of working professionals, courses in the certificate program may be held in the evenings. Unlike traditional degree programs, certificate coursework usually does not require acceptance to the university as a regular student. The courses may be taught concurrently with undergraduate and graduate students, or they may be for program students only.

Generally, international trade certificate programs are taught at universities that also offer graduate and undergraduate degrees in economics and political science. Other areas of study can include finance and international relations. After the coursework for the certificate in international trade has been completed, it may be possible to apply the classes towards a degree depending on university policy.


Classes and seminars needed to finish a certificate in international trade are typically listed on the website of the issuing program. There is generally a selection of courses to choose from; the list typically allows you to mix and match the classes that seem relevant to your field of business or study. The classes offered may vary from semester to semester, so it may be a good idea to check the course list before planning your schedule.

Depending on program pacing, completion of a certificate in international trade can take anywhere from one semester to multiple years. If you have free time, self-paced classes that can be taken online can generally be completed faster than classroom-based programs. Some employers, however, may prefer to see courses taken traditionally, in a lecture-based environment with other students you can interact with and learn with directly. You can usually find colleges that offer a certificate in international trade by visiting the website of a school that offers masters and doctorate degrees in international business.


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There are also business institutions that offer training and certification in import export/international trade. The benefit of obtaining your certificate is that it provides competency and a demonstration of your knowledge. Make sure that the organization you are looking to receive your training provides a program that adheres to the standards of the North American Small Business Trade Educators. NASBITE offers credentials for CGBP (Certified Global Business Professional) for those who meet the standards, and this designation is an advanced credential.

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