How do I get a Business Administration Degree?

Carol Francois

There are three requirements to obtain a business administration degree: meet the application criteria, select the appropriate school, and complete the coursework. A business administration degree is widely available from a broad range of universities, community and career colleges. This type of degree is a requirement for a broad range of positions in business and administration.

After receiving a degree in business administration, a graduate should have a basic knowledge of accounting and economics.
After receiving a degree in business administration, a graduate should have a basic knowledge of accounting and economics.

In order to gain acceptance in a business administration degree program, there are specific application criteria that must be met. High school courses in business, accounting, English, and math are basic requirements. Many people also take courses in marketing, business management, and entrepreneurship. The competition for these programs is quite fierce, and high marks are required to gain admittance.

Internships are an important part of a business degree.
Internships are an important part of a business degree.

When selecting a school for a business degree, it is important to review three main items: reputation, breadth of program offerings, and internship opportunities. The better the reputation of the school, the more highly your degree will be valued. Look at the qualifications of the professors, their areas of expertise and research. Review recent publications in business magazine and journals to learn more about their philosophies and approach. Read the school website for detailed biographies.

The business administration degree is considered a general degree. However, it can be enhanced by taking a minor designation in a specific subject. Most schools offer minors in marketing, accounting, and commerce. Look for programs with minors in information technology, e-commerce, international trade, or finance. Obtaining a minor designation in a unique field will separate you from candidates with the basic degree and open new opportunities to you.

Internship and cooperative job placement opportunities are critical to gaining valuable experience. When selecting a school, this may be the most important item to consider. Business schools with deep connections to local business and industry can provide a wider range of potential opportunities and greatly improve your resume.

The coursework in a business administration degree is divided into two streams: business fundamentals, and options. The business fundamental courses are accounting, finance, communications, organizational structure, human resources, economics, and law. Options include English, statistics, marketing, and information technology. Look at the options and select courses that match your interest and add to your resume.

Business fundamental courses are fact driven and represent a fairly heavy workload. The material is absolutely necessary for a career in business, regardless of your area of specialization. Everyone in a business operation needs a basic understanding of accounting, economics, and commercial law.

Business fundamental courses are fact driven and represent a fairly heavy workload.
Business fundamental courses are fact driven and represent a fairly heavy workload.

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Sneakers41 - I wanted to say that more colleges are offering an online business administration degree program in order to reach more nontraditional students.

Many people have gotten a degree this way which allows them the opportunity to obtain the degree by studying at home and working at their own pace. The only drawback with online education is that some people underestimate the time commitment for many classes and don’t give themselves enough time for each class.

The general rule of thumb that applies to traditional classes applies online classes as well.

For example, for every three credit hours you take, you have to factor an additional ten hours of weekly homework in order to do well.

I know that Florida International University has expanded their online business administration degrees to include finance, human resources management, management, and international business.


Mutsy - I think that once you have a business administration bachelor’s degree you should work for a few years before you consider getting a Masters of business administration degree.

Once you decide the field that you want to specialize in then I think it would be a good idea to purse an executive MBA program offered on the weekends so that it won’t impact your job or require you to adjust your schedule.

They say that those with an MBA earn about 40% more than their counterparts without an MBA so it could be a worthwhile venture once you gain some experience.

You should also wait until you start working for a while because many companies offer tuition assistance that could defray some if not all of your expenses for graduate school.


Certain business administration degree courses are required before you can seek admissions into a business administration program. Usually they require microeconomics macroeconomics, two courses of business statistics, a basic marketing and management course along with two semesters of accounting and business calculus.

A degree in business administration builds on the knowledge of these courses so it is important that you obtain good grades as they could decide if you get admitted to a school's college of business or not.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration along with an internship can help you get a job a lot faster than other students with less marketable degrees.

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