How Do I Get a Beauty Makeover?

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It is as easy to get a beauty makeover as it is to pick up the telephone and make a phone call, because making an appointment is usually all it takes. Makeovers are available from a variety of sources, including makeup counters at department stores, cosmetology schools, and glamour photography studios. You can also get a virtual beauty makeover online or makeover just certain parts of your body, such as your teeth or fingernails.

The better department stores have makeup counters that are often staffed with consultants who can perform makeovers without an appointment. These are generally offered at no cost. For a price, though, many beauty salons provide makeovers in addition to hair styling.

Cosmetology schools also perform beauty makeovers. Some schools offer them for free so students can get experience. Other beauty schools may perform makeovers at a reduced rate. They generally offer an assortment of services for a beauty makeover, including facials, hair styling, makeup application, manicures, and pedicures. Waxing of eyebrows is also commonly done during a beauty makeover.

Some companies train and hire independent contractors to sell makeup at home parties. A woman can often get a free beauty makeover by hosting one of these parties in her home, and can usually receive free products, too. Sometimes, the beauty consultant at a home party may perform makeovers on as many party guests as time permits.


A number of photography studios take glamour photos. They are adept at styling hair and applying makeup so the person will be as glamorous as possible for the photo shoot. For the price of a photo or two, a person can receive a makeover that will show her features to her best advantage.

There are websites featuring software that allow visitors to upload photos and manipulate them by adding or subtracting different hairstyles, clothes, or types of makeup. This allows a person to experiment and see which styles will be the most flattering. Other websites offer beauty tips to teach a person how to dress for a certain body type, apply makeup, or style hair. This information makes it possible for one to perform a do-it-yourself beauty makeover at home.

A beauty makeover doesn’t have to be limited to hair and makeup. Whitening teeth will enhance anyone’s smile, and this can be done by a dentist or by using whitening strips available over the counter. Shaped and polished fingernails will immediately improve a person’s appearance and take just a few minutes of time. Diet and exercise to tone a flabby figure can be the best beauty makeover for instilling self-confidence and improving health and vitality.


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Is there any hope for me to ever look and feel beautiful at 45? I am a single mother who is struggling financially and so I feel guilty using the money I do get from child support on myself. Is there any tips for me?

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