How do I Find the Best Larceny Attorney?

Marcel Parker

The first step to take in seeking a high-quality larceny attorney typically is to conduct thorough research on the law firms in your area that are known to employ competent criminal defense attorneys. Research that you conduct usually should be based on the criteria of quality over quantity. Attempt to find those law firms that have a high win-to-loss ratio, and have at least an 80-percent success rate in their larceny cases. A high win-to-loss ratio in larceny cases can be a good indicator that a firm is staffed by highly proficient attorneys, which could be essential to the successful adjudication of your case.

A larceny attorney can defend a client who is accused of grand larceny, such as stealing a car.
A larceny attorney can defend a client who is accused of grand larceny, such as stealing a car.

After sorting through the list of law firms in your area, try to compile a list of the top five firms that best meet your criteria. A crucial step in seeking a highly proficient larceny attorney usually is to select the most successful attorneys from each of the firms that you have researched. If possible, obtain records from law firms that list the types of larceny cases each larceny attorney has won. Analyze this list to determine if any of the cases are of a similar nature to your present case. Develop a list of the top five attorneys that best meet your criteria.

Make your attorney selection based on the success rate of the attorney, as well as his or her experience in handling larceny cases. The attorney's proficiency probably should take precedence over experience, but experience also can be an important indicator of the probability of future success in winning cases. In making your selection, it usually is important to include economic feasibility in your selection criteria. Attempt to select a larceny attorney that will fit within your budgetary constraints.

It will probably be to your benefit to choose the attorney from your list that offers the highest quality of service at the lowest possible rate. In most cases, it would probably be most beneficial for you to balance quality with economic feasibility while keeping the quality of the attorney that you select as high as possible. The final step is to contact the larceny attorney of your choice and set up an appointment to discuss your case.

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