How do I Find the Best Commercial Sublet?

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A commercial sublet is a commercial property that is available for rent not from the owner of the property or his agent but from the original renter of the property. A person who wants to find the best commercial sublet typically uses the same methods used to find commercial property for rent. He may search newspaper ads and commercial property websites to find available properties. In many cases, a person in this position may seek the help of a real estate agent as well. With these resources at hand, a person may find a property that meets his needs regarding location, price, size, zoning, and lease terms.

When an individual is in the market for a commercial sublet, he may create a checklist to help him choose the most suitable property. He may, for example, include his needs for location on this checklist. If he needs a storefront that is likely to get a significant amount of foot traffic, this should be on his list. Likewise, a business owner in need of several offices may note this instead. Basically, this type of checklist may help the business owner focus on what he really needs in a commercial property and provide a ready list he can use in guiding a real estate agent’s search.


Among the things a business owner typically considers when looking for the best commercial sublet is location. For example, retail stores and restaurants typically depend a good deal on visibility and accessibility. Medical offices and other businesses that use office space may require locations close to public transportation and major traffic routes. They may also seek commercial properties that have adequate parking for visiting customers, clients, and business associates. Size is often an issue as well, and many prospective tenants look for the most spacious commercial sublet they can find at the most manageable lease price.

In some cases, a prospective commercial sublettor may be concerned about the things that are included with the lease. For example, an aspiring restaurant owner may be in the market for a space that has food preparation equipment as part of the rental agreement. A retail business owner may hope to find a storefront that has display cases and other fixtures already in place. Additionally, a commercial sublettor may consider whether the property is already zoned for the type of business he has planned or whether he is likely to have a difficult time getting the proper zoning.

Lease terms are also important when a business owner is looking for the best commercial sublet. A lease that clearly defines both the renter's rights and responsibilities is important. Additionally, a prospective sublettor should make sure the original tenant has a legal right to sublet to him. If he signs a contract without checking this, he may risk eviction.


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