How Do I Find Spa Decor Ideas?

Patti Kate

Spa decor ideas may be found by visiting a showroom that specializes in spa decor and equipment. In addition, when visiting your favorite health spa or salon, take notice of how everything is arranged. Consider ways to promote relaxation, such as the use of natural colors or bamboo plants, and incorporate them into your design. Spa decor ideas are easily found online, and you can also find inspiration from many home improvement magazines. Watching the travel channel on television for spa resort features may inspire you as well.

Many spas use scented lotions and candles to help clients relax.
Many spas use scented lotions and candles to help clients relax.

If you are opening a professional health spa, do some research to help you get started. You'll require spa equipment, but the decor and ambiance can be equally important to the success of your business. In addition, comfortable furniture is a must, especially in the lounge area.

Flowers are an attractive addition to a spa.
Flowers are an attractive addition to a spa.

For home spa decor that will help you create a personal bath sanctuary, choose items you find relaxing. If you love the sight and sounds of nature, decorate your home spa with eucalyptus leaves or place an ultrasonic aromatherapy machine on the shelf. Choose a machine with a powerful aroma diffuser and fill it with relaxing or invigorating scents, such as lavender and jasmine. Perhaps you'd enjoy a sounds of nature spa machine with stereo speakers. A fountain with running water might also provide a peaceful backdrop for your home spa.

You can get plenty of spa decor ideas from browsing through magazines and wellness books. For a relaxing retreat in the privacy of your own home, take the advice of experts. Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa by adding ambient candles in scents that appeal to you. Perhaps you've visited a spa and noticed beautiful artwork on the wall. Get creative and create a mural for your bathroom spa.

Spa decor ideas can also be found in various catalogs. Consider decorating your spa with inspiring statues. If your spa has a Japanese garden theme, choose statues with an Asian look. Many Asian gift shops sell beautiful ornaments and sculptures, and you may find spa decor ideas by browsing at your leisure. If you don't have the room for an elaborate water fountain, consider an Asian-inspired granite or marble water basin.

Your local nursery or florist can suggest indoor plants that would do well under the humid conditions of a spa. African violets make a good choice for placing on shelves, while taller palm plants are attractive in any corner of the room. Aloe vera is another plant to consider for your spa, as it has medicinal benefits.

For more spa decor ideas, consider taking a spa design course. This is especially helpful when planning a business of your own. You may find special courses for spa design online, and this option could save you money.

Home spa decor ideas can help a person create a personal bath sanctuary.
Home spa decor ideas can help a person create a personal bath sanctuary.

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