How do I Find Mattress Reviews?

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The internet is the easiest way to find reviews on many products—including mattresses. Thanks to discount store websites and search engines, information on what customers and professionals think of a particular mattress brand is right at your fingertips. It only takes a little time and the right keywords to find the review you are looking for. Consumer sites are also a treasure trove of mattress reviews. A curious mind and the right questions will help you in your decision to find the right mattress.

The easiest way to find mattress reviews is to just type in “mattress reviews” to a search engine. This will bring up results for reviews on all sorts of mattresses. In this way, you can get side-by-side reviews across mattress brand names. Typically, reviews of major brand names appear on the first few pages. If you are not interested in well-known brand names, or want to find out about lesser-known mattresses you may want to skip the first few result pages.

You can also search for a review on a specific mattress. Searching for specific mattress reviews will narrow down your search results. It will also give you mattress reviews that are geared specifically to the brand of mattress you are researching. This means that you will find the pros and cons of a specific brand quickly and easily. It will also bring up results from consumer sites.


A mattress review from a consumer site may be the most useful search result you can find. Consumer sites send their reviewers out to test the products in question. The reviewers then write detailed reviews on the products which are then posted on the consumer site. The most trustworthy and unbiased sites are run by non-profit, independent organizations because they are not hampered by trying to sell a product. By searching “consumer mattress” you can bring up a variety of consumer sites reviewing mattresses.

If all else fails, you can simply go to a discount store’s website. These websites normally carry customer reviews on the bottom of the product’s page. People use these sites to rave about their mattresses or vent their rage at a bad experience. Try not to be swayed by one extreme or the other but look for a general consensus. If most of the reviews are bad, then the mattress in question is probably not for you.


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Excellent article. You covered everything in a simple and straightforward fashion. Clears up a lot of the questions I wanted to ask about finding mattress reviews online. Thank you for posting this. JB

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